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Kevin Warhol & Rocco Alfieri

This clip takes us back to the best of the Kinky Angels era with Kevin and Jack showing off their boyish looks and innocent minds. Kevin is fooled by the production team and sent away from the set but he always knows where to find fun. Rocco Alfieri is interrupted by Kevin while stroking his cock, which quickly becomes the object of his attention. Kevin soon takes care of Rocco’s hard on and then his horny ass. Rocco follows Kevin’s lead in this hot bareback encounter and is rewarded by Kevin’s warm load on his face.

Rocco Alfieri
Kevin Warhol
D************* - 07/11/2021 11:50:48 PM

Rocco Alfieri is a good looking guy. He is very lovable. I love his hairy ass hole. I'm glad to see him break from the BelAmi/Freshmen stereotype of a shaved ass. I also think Rocco has very nice looking, sexy feet.

b******** - 07/11/2021 4:30:40 AM

More Kevin please!!! He is the best!!!

M******** - 07/08/2021 5:56:33 PM

Why do you not show the shower part?

h***** - 07/08/2021 7:16:03 AM

Kevin is not filming as model anymore, so makes no sense to ask for new scenes with him.

r********* - 07/07/2021 8:18:26 PM

FRESHmen . Obviously Kevin or Jack, in the other scene, do not fit that description.

w****** - 07/06/2021 9:42:13 PM

It is great to see Rocco again. Many thanks to all.

t********* - 07/06/2021 7:26:42 PM

Strongly agree with Franwood— please let’s see some new scenes with Kevin as a bottom to new models?!?!

F******* - 07/06/2021 4:35:03 PM

I miss seeing Kevin bottom.

d*** - 07/06/2021 1:41:58 PM

Although this is 5 star content, It is not in my mind Freshmen material...🥰d.r.

P****** - 07/06/2021 1:17:53 PM

It's not the haircut, Kevin.

d******* - 07/06/2021 11:06:51 AM

Rocco got his hairy ass FUCKED well by Kevin after Kevin was turned down for his hair being to long. Rocco and Kevin did a great job making love. Rocco had a very nice hair style with very sweet lips to kiss but Kevin saved the day!!

r*********** - 07/06/2021 10:55:36 AM

I love Rocco's very dark hair and that there is so much of it in all the right places.

a***** - 07/06/2021 9:46:48 AM

It's don't think it's that often we see Rocco get the cum fucked out of him, lovely! Kevin should've continued or made him kneel down and take tha tload while his own is still hot wet and dripping

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