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Kevin Warhol & Benny Saverin

Cat Stevens is correct- it is a wild world it’s hard to get by just upon a smile, nor at BelAmi can you rely entirely on a nice ass and fantastic physique as Marty deems poor Bennie “too nervous” to have his first porn shoot. Fortunately, Kevin is there to console a dejected Benny and provide accelerated training to insure he’ll be ready for his next shoot. Bennie thought advice from the perfect person as Kevin has been our in-house trainer for many years. He knows how to make newbies comfortable, relaxed and horny! With the appropriate mood established Benny is treated to a wild ride that soon has Bennie sucking and riding dick like a pro. Kevin’s obvious attraction to his new star pupil makes us suspect that he planned this with Marty in advance so he may provide his own private tutoring with this sexy newbie. What do you think?

Kevin Warhol
Benny Saverin
M****** - 12/08/2020 2:06:49 AM

I really like the premise here, and in so many recent BA/FM scenes involving a newbie and a veteran. Kevin exemplifies the perfect coach, doing what he can to help the sad youngster develop more confidence in himself. It would be easy to be cynical and blame Kevin (or the script writer) of just trying to trick the kid into fucking, but the caring and kindness both seem genuine. We've seen similar "big brother" scenes recently from Adam, Ariel, Rhys -- even Kris -- and they're delightful. In some cases, the newbie gets so turned on that he becomes thoroughly engaged in the sexual activity, whereas Benny seemed pretty nervous all the way to the end. Ah, well -- there's always next time.

R***** - 07/29/2020 10:07:09 PM

Benny is a gorgeous, sexy, toned boy with a very cute; innocent face. He was lucky to have an attentive Kevin Training him; and Kevin was also lucky to be able to fuck sexy Benny. I loved Benny's face as Kevin was licking his ass and he looked so sexy with Kevin's fresh cum spurting over his tongue and in his mouth.

V************ - 07/16/2020 6:55:47 PM

What a delightful scene and Jack does such a great job. I remember a few years back when Jack used to just annoy me with his high pitched whining and moaning while fucking, but he doesn't do that anymore and is so much better. He maintains his youthful look and in scenes like this give us a five star performance. I for one hope he continues to get opportunities to perform for us. Forget the Jack haters! As for Benny, he was great in this scene too and I so loved how he took Jack's cum right in the mouth on his tongue and didn't spit it out but took Jacks cock right in shoving the cum back into this throat, or so I imagine. Great job of filming too!. I thought it was very erotic. Five stars from me!

t****** - 07/10/2020 9:07:08 AM

Kevin is so good at his job. Breaking in this beefy jock boy.

p***** - 07/03/2020 12:59:52 PM

It amazes me that some BA/FM members keep asking to see Kevin bottom. He hasn't for years and his ardent fans, like me, are more than happy to watch him work his special magic as a trainer and top. All you Kevin haters must surely secretly wish that you could enjoy a blowjob such as he gives Benny here. Love you to the moon and back, Kev ❤❤

d******* - 07/02/2020 1:31:14 PM

Benny is so cute, those sweet lips, nice body too.

D************* - 07/02/2020 12:13:38 PM

Benny Saverin is amazing! He gave one great smile towards the end. What a sexy, handsome face. Benny is a total turn on for me. He has that boyish, yet masculine charm about him. Anyway I came when Benny did and I am feeling in love with him! I love you Benny!

m********* - 07/02/2020 1:36:07 AM

Kevin is so seductive. So much more erotic when scene is slower and sensual rather than the manic panting and moaning from some models......that’s so false. This is highly erotic and why I love Bel Ami and these 2 models get 5 stars ⭐️ from me. Thanks guys!

s************* - 07/01/2020 8:53:01 AM

What a terrific scene! You could tell the young men were really into each other, the kissing was so scorching HOT! Kevin is a fantastic trainer, he makes all newbies so comfortable, thus leads to a unbelievable and unforgettable sexcapade!

g********** - 07/01/2020 1:19:45 AM

Benny is so cute. Terrible shame you "lost" him. Try and lure him back! His scene with Gino is one of my favourite scenes on Freshmen!

M******** - 06/30/2020 11:42:24 PM

Kevin should leave Belami as a model and only work behind the scenes. He is a terrible top. Belami is going from worse too bad.

x****** - 06/30/2020 7:45:39 PM

For those wanting Kevin to be the bottom in a scene again, I recall that it was explained a couple of years ago that Kev had an anal problem that prevented him from doing so. However, he's still a good lover as a top!

S******* - 06/30/2020 6:16:04 PM

I hope we get to see Kevin bottoming again!!! I prefer him that way: I think a lot of your other members agree!

R************ - 06/30/2020 5:54:50 PM

Benny si marita tutto il cazzo in culo e tutta la sborra in bocca di Kevin che è sempre un grande maestro del sesso.

W****** - 06/30/2020 4:26:25 PM

Fantastic scene. Shame Benny’s no longer filming with you. Any chance you could persuade him to return?

T********** - 06/30/2020 2:35:37 PM

I was a little sceptical towards Benny, but here I think he proves himself!

m***** - 06/30/2020 2:19:16 PM

kevin needs an official retirement scene as a bottom

a********* - 06/30/2020 11:58:27 AM

As otrebor says: Benny is so cute and innocent! A delight! His mouth is like a fresh fruit and his ass and hole so attractive! 5 stars for Benny.

t********* - 06/30/2020 10:10:30 AM

Love seeing Kevin in a scene again but I prefer him as a bottom (which I guess he no longer bottoms since we never see him anymore as a bottom). Benny is great as a bottom as it is a departure from his typical role as a top. Good scene!

o****** - 06/30/2020 10:02:06 AM

Benny is so cute and innocent! A delight! His mouth is like a fresh fruit and his ass and hole so attractive! He came first but not while fucked! Love him!

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