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Kevin, Jack, Andre & Adam

We had invited the absolutely amazing photographer and our good friend Joan Crisol in order to produce a portrait of the stunning beauties from the legendary KinkyAngels. Kevin Warhol, Jack Harrer, Adam Archuleta and Andre Boleyn had so much fun during the shoot and we hope you will as well. This set of pictures was taken by Joan quite a few years ago, and we felt their inclusion in this KinkyAngels special would be a great time to finally bring them all to you.

C********** - 05/30/2023 1:44:12 PM

These guys... 🔥🔥🔥 if there is a counterpart for a famous boy band in the adult industry, it would surely be the Kinky Angels! 💯

m******* - 03/25/2023 1:44:01 PM

OMG...Hottest foto's ever seen with this all male case. All guys Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta, Jack Harrer and Andre Boleyn are my most favorite. They are horse hung, their male bodies, perky and sensitive nipples and their huge uncut banana dick and balls are so massive. Hottest man to man encounter with all those hot guys, love them all. Great werk done producer Freshman.

a****** - 02/11/2023 7:04:29 PM

Who wouldn’t want to have a sexual trust with each of these hot, hung sailors below deck, starting with Jack, of course!

s******* - 12/31/2022 3:56:33 PM

Wow! I am as stunned now, by these GREAT models, as when I first saw them. Beautiful, Erotic, Sexy, Handsome ..... and they look as GREAT now, as then, too!

F***** - 12/25/2022 4:44:19 AM

Using the term 'has-beens' is uncalled for. These models reached the epitome of male beauty at the peak of their career. Everyone gets older and it is unfair to criticize for this unavoidable biological reality. The photography is excellent in this series, great lighting, poses and post treatment. A technique similar to that used by erotic artist Theo Blaze in his work.

d***** - 12/24/2022 10:03:44 PM

Brilliant. An amazing set of photos.

p******** - 12/24/2022 7:53:03 AM

My favorite BA boys of all time. (and that is saying something!) Joan Crisol did an amazing job with these boys. I like them all, but in my bias I LOVE the two of Andre sitting alone with his boner. :)

b******* - 12/23/2022 1:09:20 AM

Familiar Faces in an astonishing set. What a treat.

k********* - 12/21/2022 1:31:25 AM

Nice to see some of these for the very first time, and some of these shots have been on so many book covers , DVDs etc, a classic shoot of the angels, the accompanying video can be seen at the start of the Rebels DVD for those interested, not released online as of yet.

S******* - 12/20/2022 10:06:37 PM

I love the original kinky angels, original and best!! Please please George, show all their videos for all who have not saw them and can't afford to buy all their DVD'S 🙏😀❤️

t****** - 12/20/2022 8:15:23 PM

Sexy sailors!

c********* - 12/20/2022 7:43:33 PM

Carrowleigh is right! Endless whingeing doesn't get us very far, Pianist! Better to enjoy these photos, most of them for the first time. Then, to get on our knees and BEG Mr George to show us the fabulous scene from Rebels from which they're taken. For me, one of the very best, most beautifully styled and hottest scenes Belami has shown. Even its music is stunning.

s******** - 12/20/2022 7:16:19 PM

🫢 🫢 🫢

X********* - 12/20/2022 5:21:48 PM

An amazing photo set and a fine completion of the old collection!

c********* - 12/20/2022 4:51:47 PM

unbelievably hot...classically erotic. Yeah I like it.

c********** - 12/20/2022 4:25:08 PM

Please ignore the usual whingers! Great to see these photos here. What would really make Christmas would be to see the accompanying video. I think that it appeared on the Rebels DVD.

J********* - 12/20/2022 4:01:23 PM

These has-beens have aged so perfectly. While the photo shoot borders on campy, I do believe pianists comments are harsh as well. I love Adam , and would watch anything he is today and back in the day. Same goes for all the Kinky Angel original team . Beautiful men!

d*** - 12/20/2022 3:26:01 PM

how about the newer guys in a photoset?

m******* - 12/20/2022 3:23:45 PM

Wow pianist, harsh. I for one would love to meet up with any of these 'has beens'.

P****** - 12/20/2022 1:42:45 PM

All the has-beens in one place. One star.

a***** - 12/20/2022 9:51:37 AM

A shirtless guy in a pair of ripped jeans 😻😻😻😻😻

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