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Karl Ayers & Mario Texeira

We last saw Mario a few weeks ago when he topped for the first time. We are happy that you all seemed to like it. Today he is at it again, this time topping Karl Ayers. We will have to see if Mario's new-found taste for topping lasts but we are happy to see him put his big cock to use on some of our most willing freshmen. We hope you all remember Karl who made his debut here back in August last year. Until now we haven't found the right time to bring him back. This is probably his best scene so far. After watching him fuck Karl, we hope that Mario will want to carry on playing the top for a long time to come.

Mario Texeira
Karl Ayers
b****** - 05/02/2021 7:29:04 PM

Karl did show improvement in his sucking as compared to his first hard core scene. Mario as top rate. A very good scene.

b******* - 04/11/2021 4:46:30 PM

Sexy but Mario looks much better with his dark hair

j********* - 04/08/2021 10:42:30 PM

Urgh! Hairy cocks, balls and assholes, grossly over-stretched bodies with too much muscle for their frames. This was a return to appallingly bad, by-the-numbers porn with two completely disinterested models from the 1980's. Not worth the subscription. Time to put these two out to grass and return to the lighter, happier, slimmer, twinkier days of KA. Until then - I'm outa here.

V************ - 04/02/2021 5:45:06 PM

I think Mario is really cute and he dos some things well. He is not afraid to really dig his tongue and face into someone's ass and he sucks pretty deep. But overall this scene is pretty boring. A lot of moaning and groaning reminiscent of the old days but not much real passion. The kissing is horrible and Karl has very little facial expression. Other than his moaning and groaning you wouldn't know if he was enjoying it or not. He also has a lot of work to do on his oral skills as he doesn't suck very deep. Mario's cum shots are always a blur because when he jacks his cock goes up and down, due to it's downward curve and he has minimal cum. Karl at least did have a bit of a cum blast and Mario did take Karl's wet cock into his mouth. Overall I give it three stars.

R************ - 03/29/2021 11:13:04 AM

Seconda sega!!

g******* - 03/25/2021 11:43:51 PM

The one saving grace was the gorgeous Mario licking Karl's jizz. Karl was so wooden. If that had been Fabien being fucked there would have been laughter and smiles.

J****** - 03/25/2021 7:57:39 PM

Tout à fait d'accord les deux gars sont très attrayants et j'aime leurs rapports devant la caméra une belle scène.

t********* - 03/24/2021 5:40:50 PM

Love this selection of models as they are extremely attractive to me. Mario is very hot in terms of his chest and nipples but Karl is in another league. I am mesmerized by his large nipples and beautiful face. His passion will improve as he relaxes more with more scenes. He would look even better with a bit longer hair but tongue kissing could help him adjust to his top and enjoy the scene more. Hope to see MUCH more of Karl!

h********* - 03/24/2021 2:07:27 PM

This was a dud. Mario is a poor top, and Karl shows no personality at all.

a***** - 03/24/2021 12:57:05 AM

Nice, still feel like Karl needs plenty more experience, but he's going to Africa, sweet! I hope he did well over there and you brought out the best of him, look foward!

J****** - 03/23/2021 10:53:50 PM

Sorry - but these two guys are not for me ....

d******* - 03/23/2021 4:25:51 PM

I don't wish to be unkind, but perhaps a little old for Freshmen? More BA material.

a********* - 03/23/2021 2:58:21 PM

Karl's ass with its thick dark and intriguing hairiness is inviting and naturally exciting, an intact vision of a young male, increasingly rare due to the desperate shaves that more and more frequently anonymize the anus and its contour making it pale tasteless and feminine . A more careful dedication of the director to the mystery hidden between the buttocks while opening up to penetration would have been more welcome. 5 stars to Karl's ass.

w********* - 03/23/2021 1:33:41 PM

Mario looks kind of like Paul Cassidy with hair cut and the blond coloring. That's who I thought it was in the initial photo for the video.

t****** - 03/23/2021 11:55:53 AM

Hunky and lovely Mario is very alluring, even with the noodle-coloured hair. 😄 I think Mario has shown he can be versatile. Not really a fan of Karl though.

s******** - 03/23/2021 10:47:09 AM

Mario is that oh-my-where-have-you-been-hiding ULTRA-AMOUROUS TRES FORTE-GEIL guy you see when you enter the Youth Hostel in Vaduz, Liechtenstein and after picking jaw up off the floor you walk over to him and speak to him in German and he wants to try his English and you end up in sharing a room after a quick change of reservation as a two-man room is available. Damn damn damn uber-fine scene and Karl is sexy&lucky.

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