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Justin with Jerome & Helmut

This JO scene was intended as a full scene but was never finished. So, to add flavour to a regular blow job, we combined this with our On The Set material to make a fun little documentary.

Jerome Exupery
Justin Saradon
Helmut Huxley
o****** - 03/31/2017 4:40:19 PM

Funny, playful, pleasant! Justin performs well! Really his first time on camera? Cute but I don't like his hairdo. Love Helmut's nipples rounding hair!

t****** - 03/02/2017 4:00:04 AM

Miss you Helmut!

j******** - 03/01/2017 12:24:55 PM

Love jerome and helmut!! I strongly believe they need an updated scene of just the two of them. They have a beautiful chemistry whenever they're together. I enjoy them with a third person but it would be really nice if it could be just them two.

g*********** - 02/27/2017 10:37:14 PM

Come to Vegas

N******** - 02/22/2017 3:56:09 PM

Justin is simply lovely!

d*** - 02/21/2017 8:42:12 PM

the docu was awesome. Justin is adorable. Please don't change a thing on him, I even love his high hair-do. So cute. Helmut and Jerome, what else can be said about these two? I want to adopt them and keep them forever...💜💚💛💙💘dr

T***** - 02/21/2017 6:11:39 PM

As others have said, this is interesting both as documentary and as porn. It must be quite early, perhaps between two and three years old as Luke has hair and it's possible Jerome hadn't been given his official nom-de-porn when the subtitles were prepared since he's referred to as 'XXX'.

S******* - 02/21/2017 4:06:15 PM

Well, to be true, this docu was very interesting to watch as a kind of a window into BA's everyday life and work, with its absolutely serious rehearsals, director's work with actors and so on. And the more of such a scenes I watch, the more I understand how unique and special BA is. More of these docus, please! Oh, yes, - Justin, of course, is a total cutie-pie of a twink. :))))))))))

g********* - 02/21/2017 3:25:17 PM

Even at this early stage, Justin showed what a great prospect he was, and I look forward to seeing his promise fulfilled. He could have few better mentors than Kevin, Helmut and Jerome .

p***** - 02/21/2017 2:59:23 PM

Justin is cute as hell and his first few scenes make me want to see more of him but Helmut steals the scene for me. I can't take my eyes off him.

b***** - 02/21/2017 2:07:06 PM

Helmut first of course, he is wonderful as always. And then Justin: one of the sexiest and most sultry with the newbies. I think he did great, it was very good to see him in he middle with Helmut and Jerome. I would like to see more of this type of initiation.

r*********** - 02/21/2017 1:34:45 PM

Most amusing and interesting docuporn. Interesting from the rehearsal angles and story. I was so impressed by Kev's acting and responses - and sad for his exclusion. The result was a light-weight movie with a lot of hot, sexy subject matter. And then there is Justin. I'm not much loving his haircut, but he is such a little cutie pie all things considered. Helmut's cock, hanging post-cum, I wonderful thing to behold. Ya. Nice Luke, well done!

s***** - 02/21/2017 9:59:01 AM

Justin is without question, utterly magnificent. Justin had me in a trance. Justin is so exquisite and mesmerising - truly excellent.

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