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Justin Saradon & Benoit Ulliel part 2

As you would expect, part 2 is the reverse of the first: while the boys are both still rock hard they decide to change places so that Justin can fuck Benoit. They start out with a nice 69 blowjob before moving on with fucking doggy style. We couldn’t decide which part was hotter, so in the end we determined that both boys are equally as good as tops as they are as bottoms. What do you think?

Justin Saradon
Benoit Ulliel
b****** - 02/23/2019 12:44:03 PM

Those models that top & bottom are better at each having experienced both and these 2 are a great examples.

g******* - 01/07/2019 10:33:14 PM

Nice scene. Loved the kissing during the fuck, Justin's lustful eyes and his hairy balls. Great views of Benoit's butt during the 69. Wish we could have seen more of Justin's sexy ass as he fucked Benoit.

a********* - 01/07/2019 12:31:56 PM

Two wonderful guys, but the film making makes both parts great for sleeping. You only need to loop them, so you do not need to wake up to start the second after the first.

V************ - 01/04/2019 6:54:06 PM

Part 2 is a bit better than part one. I prefer Justin on top and the side position is so much better for filming than the sitting position. Also the 69 action was better than the first scene's oral segments though I thought the filming was not the best. But still, just an ok scene overall. At times found myself more absorbed by the interesting wall design in the background than the action on the screen.

s******** - 01/03/2019 4:48:23 PM

5555555 just for that great and extended 69! wish we saw more of them.

C************** - 01/03/2019 3:54:47 PM

Justin is hot in a cute, boy-next-door way. Nice smile.

o****** - 01/03/2019 8:11:18 AM

Bottoming or topping, insatiable versatile Justin is a good performer, but I prefer him as a top. Not a big fan of Benoit, but he gets a nice hole! Anyway part 2 is better. Some subscribers seem to be members of the league anti tobacco...LOL!

B********* - 01/03/2019 1:28:34 AM

The camera work is much better here. Many more good closeups--especially in the 69 sequence. And both are hard from the beginning. Was Part 2 actually shot before Part 1? Their mutual horniness suggests it. These clips should be shot over several days. The other problem here is that BA's cameras are so slow that most screenshots (like with VLC) come out blurry. The clear images BA shows are from still cameras. As for the staff guy's idiotic top/bottom question, both guys are bottoms. Benoit's bottomhood is established by the fact that he stays hard while being fucked despite big hemorrhoids which sloppy editing leaves in the rimming scene--though the pain does keep him from cumming while getting fucked. And Justin's not a real top or he'd use his dick to push his cum back inside Benoit. Benoit's hole would like that. Bottom line: both boys are bottoms being forced to play tops.

g********* - 01/02/2019 12:15:33 AM

No more Benoit for me, please....the smoking at the start already turned me down and I can't find anything that turns me on because of him. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Justin, on the other hand is an easy and attractive guy to admire him. Other matching with Justin please.

b***** - 01/01/2019 5:50:25 PM

The second part is as lovely as part 1. Beautiful, sexy and sultry Justin ­čśŹ is equally good as a bottom and as a top, this guy just oozes sweet and caring sex and sure likes to savour his partners' love juice. Can never get enough of him.

J****** - 01/01/2019 11:41:45 AM

Agree with you - I can't decide which scene is hotter. Both guys did a wonderful job as top and bottom. This makes it even hotter for me. Many thanks for this perfect you years gift :-)))))

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