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Justin & Jordan

Our mini Freshmen African Sexual Safari concludes with a set of images. Last month we had Jordan Faris in an image set featuring Bobby Noiret. This month Jordan is featured with Justin Saradon. Like last month’s photos, these were taken by the talented Mr Thoma. We hope you enjoyed this re-visit of Jambo Africa.

b****** - 05/04/2019 11:30:32 AM

Enjoyed and zipped with easy numbers to follow. Wish every scene had zipped pictures.

g******* - 03/06/2019 12:51:52 AM

They both look amazing #14 is my favourite and yes, while Jordan is wonderful, Justin has developed into something really special.

c********** - 03/05/2019 6:29:35 PM

Justin has developed into a beautiful young man.

b***** - 03/05/2019 6:03:57 PM

Last time we saw Justin read a book (cf the introduction sequence of his scene with Steve Skarsgaard in the Jambo Africa series) it had actually letters in it. But erotic drawings will be more pleasurable of course when you decide to study together with the sultry Jordan, who will know what follows (and maybe we will get to watch that). It goes without words that Justin 😍 is so very handsome that every picture with him in it is a pleasure to the eye. A pleasure to the eye to such an extent that Benno can be forgiven with the little photoshop mishap in picture #6. Now I’m going to add a library to my apartment so that Justin can climb in it and I can have a live view of his beautiful butt 🔥🔥🔥

p******** - 03/05/2019 4:53:45 PM

#6 does look odd. LOL Boys and books!! 2 of my favorite things. ***** :)

N******** - 03/05/2019 4:51:49 PM

Justin is an extraordinarily beautiful boy. More of him please.

a********* - 03/05/2019 1:58:42 PM

Very nice pictures. Lovely guys. Justin is more attractive than ever. There's a small photoshop problem with Jordan's belly in picture 6 or he is pregnant and Justin is the father. Lol !

p***** - 03/05/2019 12:24:25 PM

I could just eat Justin up with a spoon.

o****** - 03/05/2019 9:27:31 AM

Lovely boys among books which don't seem being classic littérature! LOL Pretty photos taken by the talented Mr Thoma! Want to watch them on movement...

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