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Jorik Tautou & Tom Houston part 2

When Tom Houston and Jorik Tautou get back from their shower, Jorik is soon asking for more. Although he prefers to bottom, Tom’s butt is a huge turn-on for him. Tom is up for this surprise role reversal and they immediately start kissing and their towels drop to the floor. As they kiss, their hard cocks press against each other and then Tom kneels down and starts sucking an excited Jorik. Soon they move to a 69. After Tom’s ass is nicely rimmed and ready, he invites Jorik to penetrate his hole. Each inch of Jorik’s cock and every new position brings Tom ever closer to orgasm. Just as he cums over his stomach, Jorik shoots a nice load on his hole.

Tom Houston
Jorik Tautou
C***** - 09/13/2023 11:29:34 PM

Hello Freshmen Team, how happy I am about this wonderful composition. A wish of mine has come true. Tom and Jorik are the dream couple par excellence for me. Even the way Tom throws Jorik onto the sofa and gets to work on him is erotic and makes me horny. It's wonderful how they lick their holes and fuck each other until they cum. I can't get enough of it. I still have one wish. Please bring Jorik, Tom and Ashton together !!! Thank you

g******* - 08/12/2023 7:16:22 AM

Lovely but I wish we could get some from behind ass shots as they fuck.

g******** - 08/09/2023 1:36:23 PM

your work with camera is simply stunning

w****** - 08/08/2023 11:25:48 PM

I love Tom's dusting of chest hair. I hope he never shaves it. These two scenes together with Bob's excellent solo makes this an outstanding week on Freshmen. Many thanks to all and again lots of love.

d******* - 08/08/2023 4:27:28 PM

In part 2 Jorik tops Tom so very sweet. Jorik has those certain features that never leave and his charm too. 😎😎😎😎

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