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Jorik Tautou & Tim Moffie part 2

Both Jorik Tautou and Tim Moffie are fully versatile and sexually very active and are happy to switch roles for their second encounter. They enjoy a 69 before Jorik licks Tim's hole in preparation for his massive cock. The boys have great chemistry and the encounter is electric. After Tim cums, Jorik shoots a huge load all over his face.

Jorik Tautou
Tim Moffie
e*************** - 05/07/2023 11:07:54 AM

The producers should make the actors use Condoms. If they don't they should charge people $100's and more to view. Safe Sex should be promoted.

g******* - 03/03/2023 1:03:55 AM

Two boys who really appreciate each other's beauty.

s******* - 02/25/2023 12:34:37 PM

5 stars! As always, with these two really passionate lovers!

M********* - 02/24/2023 6:54:26 PM

Well done boys, you both playes very good at part 1+2.

d******* - 02/23/2023 4:47:53 PM

Jorik did a stunning job fucking Tim in the ass and sucking Tim's nice cock. love to fuck either one as both very sexy. 😎😎😎😎

w****** - 02/22/2023 10:09:35 PM

I always enjoy Jorik using that lovely big cock as nature intended and especially here, buried in Tim's lovely bum. Again, lots of love to both.

F****** - 02/22/2023 2:07:36 PM

It’s nice to see Jorik taking a more assertive roll in the this 2 parter, it’s a nice change of pace, and very welcomed and still just as cute.

J****** - 02/22/2023 1:46:17 AM

Absolutely hot to see this two hotties in a perfect two Part FlipFlop Action!!! I strongly agree with steffon1234, can't say it better !!!

m*********** - 02/21/2023 5:46:03 PM

Tim é tão atrativo com esse novo corte de cabelo !

s********** - 02/21/2023 5:20:38 PM

Freshmen never miss, Thanks so much for this great video I love both Jorik Tautou and Tim Moffie that we got to see them in both videos fucking i love both as bottoms and could barley hold back from jacking off while just enjoy their beautiful bodies cumming together in a spicy harmony Tim and Jorik thank you so much for just being you, your both angels and hope to see more of both of you and again big thanks freshmen you guys are the best in the industry

V******** - 02/21/2023 1:36:03 PM

If Tim's in it, I'm going to love it.

r*********** - 02/21/2023 10:38:12 AM

I cannot get over how lucky we all are to have a gay-sex boy like Jorik in shot - he is the star of (all) the show/s and the rest - like this Moffie character are neat supporting cameo actors.

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