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Jorik Tautou & Tim Moffie part 1

Tim Moffie and Jorik Tautou meet up for an outdoor cardio session but soon realize they fancy a different type of exercise. After finding themselves alone in the apartment, they discard their clothes and enjoy each other's naked bodies. The blowjob foreplay is very intense but the main excitement comes soon after. Jorik offers his butt to Tim who has no problem playing the top in this first encounter between them. Jorik’s cumshot arrives as he rides Tim’s cock. Then he gets into the doggie position so Tim can cover his hole with cum.

Jorik Tautou
Tim Moffie
C***** - 03/25/2024 12:37:21 PM

Jorik and Tim are so very hot!🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️

F***** - 04/08/2023 5:46:30 AM

Agree with jaytonuk62 - however Jorik didn't seem that enthusiastic or committed at the exercise park. In this industry your 'use by' is restricted to how you can keep a good body. And with this comes watching what you eat. You can get away with binging on junky food at late teens and early 20s, but when you head towards 30 and a slowing metabolism, an unfit body is almost guaranteed if you don't control your diet and exercise regime. A nice shoot and cuteness prevails.

j********* - 03/17/2023 2:00:23 AM

Like so many others I adore Jorik, but I have to agree with @jimsabeach, he needs to get back some of his definition and lose a little weight. I too, miss his wild hair, but that smoooooth little hole is so delightful. Tim - a little cuddle on legs - as always.

V************ - 03/04/2023 8:04:15 PM

Not a great combo. I love Jorik but this scene and the second one just did not do it for me. 3 stars

g******* - 03/01/2023 3:39:47 AM

Jorik is so attractive and he devours boys like mad. He must fill a whole bucket with his cum each year. Tim is sweet, unassuming and hungry for sex.

k***** - 02/25/2023 5:30:10 AM

OMG, what happened to Jorik--his wild hair gone! and the razor found his hole. SAD!

j********* - 02/24/2023 6:30:52 PM

Jorik is by far the No. 1 reason why I subscribe to Freshmen. No onw else can compare. Especially wth his geyser cum sequences. That being said I miss Jorik's wild, untamed hair and Ihink he needs to go to the gym again to regain his defined torso and abs. Success seems to have taken its toll.

d******* - 02/23/2023 4:17:44 PM

Jorik is very grown up and what a lovely body with nice figure and cock to suck. 😎😎😎😎

w****** - 02/22/2023 9:45:46 PM

When Tim came on Jorik's ass I loved the little fart bubble that followed. Many thanks and lots of love to both.

J****** - 02/22/2023 1:42:09 AM

Wonderful hot scene!! Hope to see mutch more of both them in future !!!

g******* - 02/21/2023 7:51:19 PM

Jorik should have a date with Jack

J******** - 02/21/2023 3:08:24 PM

So geil bei 20 09 und 20 11 die Samenblubberblase :)

t************ - 02/21/2023 1:24:14 PM

Jorik is visibly growing up — he’s clearly no longer the innocent boy he was in his early scenes. He looks hotter than ever getting fucked here. What a star!

r*********** - 02/21/2023 10:32:20 AM

Jees, Jorik enjoyed that!! Me too. Fucking hot.

s******** - 02/21/2023 9:42:47 AM

Nice try, but I think, Jorik´s greedy cunt deserves a bigger cock.

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