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Jorik Tautou & Justin Saradon part 1

Jorik Tautou has already proved to us his amazing bottoming skills. Today we finally get the chance to see him in both roles allowing us to decide which suits him better. Justin Saradon is his partner in this flip flop combo and his experience makes all the difference. Jorik and Justin start slowly and gently with some romantic kissing before moving on to a hot oral session. Justin is hungry for Jorik’s thick, hard cock and lets him dominate his ass first. We can see that Jorik is a little shy in his new role but this doesn’t take anything away from the quality of sex which is evident from the satisfied expression on Justin's face.

Justin Saradon
Jorik Tautou
j******** - 07/06/2021 7:55:53 PM

I'm no GORILLA too......Oh Justin my love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

j********* - 07/02/2021 4:23:45 PM

It's true that I just can't get enough of Jorik but both these segments with Justin lack passion. I think this has more to do with the camerawork than with Jorik. Also there are far too many subtitles and they ae very distracting The camera work in both these segments do not capture either Jorik's or Justin's cumshots very well at all. This is not Jorik's best work. I don't blame him, its all the production values and camerawork which I think stunts his natural ability to let loose. I also think Jorik works best as a bottom than a top. Despite these criticism, I think Jorik is the best thing which has happened to Freshmen in a long time.

g******* - 06/30/2021 1:44:58 AM

Boned up thinking about it and remained so. Jorik's trademark cumshot surprised the sexy Justin and it overshadowed his own very good effort. Two gay boys thriving in their love of sex.

r*********** - 06/29/2021 11:10:34 PM

I've hinted before that young, gay, Jorik must feel he's died and gone to heaven. To be able to have all the hot cock he has available and, presumably, to be paid to do so, must be amazing. So few do. I'm smitten. And a little jealous. Actually, a lot. I laughed at Justin's robust attempts to pull off Jorik's pants. Jorik is sooooooo cute.

a***** - 06/29/2021 5:21:52 PM

And since I talk so much today and there's a chance you might get to read them all, let me add that Justin is one of those guys I used to have a hot for, but unfortunately the flame doesn't last...

p***** - 06/29/2021 12:28:08 PM

Two dreamy guys. The blow jobs alone were worth the price of admission and I liked the close ups as well. Bravo, guys

j****** - 06/29/2021 10:22:11 AM

the tool of Jorik is amazing. That cumshot! Hmm. Justin is very handsome. Magnificent scene,

d******* - 06/29/2021 9:40:46 AM

I will say Jorik and Justin both great but Jorik with that nice hard cock shows he can do it when he FUCKS Justin in the ass. Jorik still has that ever sweet smile and those sweet, sweet lips to kiss. Jorik you did a great job and forgot those lovely dark eyes too. Justin you need to practice with Jorik some more lol. Justin you know I am teasing you too. You did a nice job too.

s******** - 06/29/2021 9:30:52 AM

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