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Jorik Tautou & Jim Durden

Budapest always seems to awaken our boys' libidos. Jorik Tautou and Jim Durden don’t have the best start to the day as Eluan didn’t pick the nicest alarm but our cute couple quickly find a way to make things better. After a nice blowjob session, including a hot 69, Jim quickly moves on to pleasing Jorik's tempting hole. We especially love the moment when Jim’s balls slap against Jorik’s butt just before Jorik shoots a huge warm load all over his chest.

Jim Durden
Jorik Tautou
m*********** - 10/27/2021 5:08:16 PM

Amazing job filming that spooning part of the scene! Only wished Jim came during that part. So hot to see Jorik working Jim's cock like that in the spoon position. Also, so amazing that that the cameraman panned out to show the whole scene! Quality work!!!

d******** - 08/06/2021 2:38:26 AM


j********* - 06/27/2021 6:05:28 PM

This was superb. Jim even seemed to find someone to be cute with rather than his usual disinterested stance. I loved his deep-throating of Jorik’s lovely, chunky cock. Jorvik is the perfect twink boy. A delightful, sexy face which deserves hours of slow kissing, a beautiful smooth torso and lovely thighs, a delicious, deep ass that knows what it wants, gorgeous, thick cock that begs to be sucked. I bet he’s a really good top too, when the mood takes him. The shower scene was very sexy, the foreplay and sucking with a nice 69 was good and the fuck scene was superb. These two seemed to be really into each other, which was nice to watch. @Saurian’s plea that someone should feed Jorick needs to fall on stony ground. The lad is beautiful as he is. Stunning scene making from the team. 5*

j********* - 06/27/2021 5:15:58 PM

Can't get enough of Jorik. I want more, more, more. Jim was not the best pairing for Jorik. He'll do but its Jorik who really shines whereas Jim appears rather dull and passionless. His dick doesn't really seem to be into it. Jorik on the other hand appears to be really into whomever he is paired with and always shows his passion by a veritable geyser of cum almost every time. I'm hoping that soon Jorik is paired with Ronan Levine or Ben Lilly (or a both in a 3 way)

S****** - 06/21/2021 8:02:14 AM

Jim is a wild sex machine and is always worth watching. As for Jorik, someone please feed this boy!!!

K***** - 06/19/2021 2:39:32 AM

Love that you are starting to include more shower scenes. Watching Jim take complete control of Jorik was absolutely amazing. Jorik’s fantastic Cum-shots should earn him a bonus ! Everything was so natural and spontaneous “no acting here” the facial expressions tell it all. It would have been a perfect opportunity for Jim to have not pulled out.

v******** - 06/13/2021 3:28:52 AM

More of these two! I'm not sure who is more lucky. The shower scene was amazing and Jim looks incredible wet! I hope these two get together again very soon!

D************* - 06/12/2021 10:28:20 AM

Jim Durden still has it! I have never seen a mediocre performance by Jim. Jim Durden always gives it 100% in every film he does. (Even after all these months maybe even years.). Jim still has the energy, enthusiasm, and motivation as he had when he was 18 years old. I'm so glad he finally cut his hair shorter in the front. It looks so much better. Besides being as handsome as he is, Jim has one of the best shaped cocks I've ever seen. It is a real turn on for me.

m******* - 06/11/2021 9:29:42 PM

Jimmy rocks at everything he does and sometimes too enthusiastically but always electric. Tautou is a rare gem with a sweet little ass and a big cock.

w****** - 06/10/2021 10:40:15 PM

Many thanks and lots of love to both for a great scene.

G********** - 06/10/2021 2:11:45 PM

Thank you absolutely beautiful

g******* - 06/10/2021 6:11:32 AM

You could not ask for anything better. They love gay sex, beautiful asses and sexy male bodies. They are absolute stars and the cum like fountains as Jim rightly observes.

R***** - 06/09/2021 4:53:53 PM

Jorik is a gorgeous, sexy cutie and is my current Bel Ami Favourite. Sexy Jim looks fantastic sucking and licking Jorik's nipples & sexy pits!; before they suck each others tasty cock's. Jorik looks even cuter & sexier with his legs pulled backwards; with Jim greedily eating out his tasty asshole and sucking his cock. Jorik also splatters himself with his usual huge load of cum whilst being fucked! Can I rate this 10 Stars?

d******* - 06/09/2021 10:48:29 AM

This scene fantastic with Jim always Jim but Jorik with the superb body,sweet luscious lips to kiss. Jorik so gorgeous..

r*********** - 06/09/2021 6:25:15 AM

Absolutely stunning. Two superb players sharing the most exquisite sex. The 69 with Jorik's upturned cock deep in Jim's mouth and exploring his throat is exactly how to deep throat an upturned cock. Unrestrainedly gay, Jorik must have dreamed of the day he could be bedded with Prague's and Budapest's hot young BelAmi boys. This pairing is sex heaven. OK. That's enough now. It was good. Damned good. Thanks BA for this. xx

J****** - 06/08/2021 8:00:53 PM

What a HOT FUCK! Jim is the star here. Who are the crazy queens talking about his "ageing"? I think he is in a class with Ronny Lamarr as far as tirelessly working to bring his partner consummate pleasure. He and Ronny are the best rimmers in the BelAmi stable. I loved it when Yorik was almost desperately fucking himself on Jim's beautiful cock. Yorik's penis has a delightful upward bend when fully aroused. He also had a glorious, abundant ejaculation. It's always more exciting when there's a lot of semen spraying.

J****** - 06/08/2021 7:42:00 PM

Simply perfect!

V************ - 06/08/2021 7:28:33 PM

Jim Durden and Andre Karienen are absolutely hands down the two best performers on BAOL or Freshmen and the two model sI enjoy watching perform most. And Jorik has to be a close second because of his shear beauty, great performance skills, dynamite cock and amazing gushers! Put the two together, Jim and Jorik in the right setting with the right cameramen and you have a 10 Star scene! I hpe you continue to keepJimi around for a long time, and Jorik as well. Kudos to both models and te ecamera crew as well! Amazing scene!

B********* - 06/08/2021 2:57:23 PM

A perfect combination for sure. Both boys seem genuinely into each other and who can blame them? Jorik's name on any title is a 'must watch through' for me and, I suspect, always will be. Jim is ageing well and delivers a great performance with your super-cute starlet!!!.

t**************** - 06/08/2021 1:28:15 PM

You could release a scene a week with Jorik and it wouldn't be enough! You guarantee I'm a member as long as you keep him cumming.

t****** - 06/08/2021 12:40:09 PM

Jorik is fine but Jim should be retired from freshmen

l********** - 06/08/2021 12:27:59 PM

"A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy" ("Joriks empfindsame Reise") by Laurence Sterne

L******** - 06/08/2021 11:29:33 AM

Jim performances`are awesome, he has the best acting in BAOL right now. And Jorik,...Oh my God. Keep an exclusive contract for ages with him, please.

s******** - 06/08/2021 9:12:40 AM

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