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Jorik Tautou & Derek Caravaggio

Derek Caravaggio loves being in front of the camera. He especially likes to be watched, either when touching himself, licking his armpits or playing with his hard cock. But today is a little different because he knows someone is waiting for him and he just can’t get the idea of fucking a cute guy out of his head. Especially when this 'someone' is Jorik Tautou. Even though it’s school time for Derek, he uses the opportunity to teach our 'newbie' a lesson. The foreplay is quite short because the main course is just too delicious to wait for. Jorik’s sexy ass is soon ready to take Derek’s uncut cock. Derek fucks him from behind and then flips him over onto his back. The messy ending proves how much these two like each other and we can only wonder what excuse Derek came up with for arriving late to his class.

Derek Caravaggio
Jorik Tautou
G********* - 06/12/2024 11:23:50 PM

AMEN to fabioluis (3/5/2023): "Unfortunate photography by inept amateur camera man. They give the guys English lessons but no photography lessons. Both Derek and Jorik are cute and sexy, but the video is ruined by the poor photography." Indeed ... during Derek's orgasm, we see (part of) his stomach shaking in an absurd closeup of his cock and lower abdomen ... and are deprived of any view of his FACE and full torso during that obviously earth-shaking orgasm! I've worn myself out pointing out how STUPIDLY incompetent this is, as videography, and how FRUSTRATING to your viewers! Orgasm happens in the brain and the face is the window. If you deny us a view of the face you're literally not letting us SEE the orgasm! Still ... Jorik's orgasm is shown nicely here (with face and full torso ... and great cumshot!) and the showering together at the end is nice. So ... a grudging 3 stars, and yeah, I'll download it because I cannot get enough of watching Jorik's orgasms. What a firecracker-hot twink!!!!! But overall ... I'm about to let my Freshmen and Bel Ami memberships expire because I'm so sick of the frustration of seeing hot guys and hot sex ... and then, SO OFTEN, be denied any view of their faces when they reach the climax! Talk about coitus interruptus!

r******* - 02/23/2024 3:53:26 PM

Jorik's sweet ass is tantalizing!

f******** - 03/05/2023 5:55:33 PM

Unfortunate photography by inept amateur camera man. They give the guys English lessons but no photography lessons. Both Derek and Jorik are cute and sexy, but the video is ruined by the poor photography.

D******* - 01/21/2022 10:43:33 PM

oh wow what a couple. Jorik is so good and tasty to look at. 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶

d******** - 08/06/2021 2:36:21 AM


B********* - 06/14/2021 1:05:49 AM

Jorik is a fabulous bottom. He's the hottest I think I've ever seen. And that goes back to 1993. Too bad we don't get a single closeup shot of that hot wet open hole that's giving them both so much fucking pleasure. Jorik's fabulous cumshot does not begin to show all the pleasure that's happening inside.

J****** - 05/31/2021 1:35:56 PM

Une très belle scène de sexe telle que je les aiment, avec deux gars super mignon et une érotique douche excitante. Cinq étoiles au deux jeunes gens.

R***** - 05/04/2021 12:49:53 AM

Derek & Jorik are both gorgeous and look so hot sucking each others big, stiff dicks. Jorik's cock looks especially big on suck a cute, slim lad. I'm a huge fan of Jorik and love seeing him take Derek's big dick deep inside his fuckable ass. Jorik always shoots a lovely thick, load of creamy cum and I also loved seeing Derek splash his tasty load over Jorik;s tongue; with a creamy kiss to finish. 5 Stars each!

V************ - 05/03/2021 4:38:52 PM

Though not the best filmed scene, perhaps somewhat limited by the small space, it is still such a pleasure to see the ever so cute and innocent looking Jorik with his rock hard fat cock and copious volcanic cum eruption in response to Derek's cock filling his ass. Derek did seem uncomfortable here accommodating Derek's cock in his ass, so perhaps this is one of his earlier scenes, not that he has made that many. Derek is one of FM's top oral masters and it is a joy to see him go down deep, albeit the camera work was not always the catching the magnificence of this feat. Loved that Derek came in Jorik's mouth though it is always a bit disappointing to see the minimal results that often come from a model with curved cock which tends to send the cum in all directions. None the less, this was a relatively good scene overall with two very good looking models.

J****** - 05/02/2021 1:37:21 PM

Lovely Jorik Tautou, I like the way he sucks big dick

a***** - 05/02/2021 11:30:11 AM

The more I see Jorik, the more I like him, tho i can't help but feel that he's super young! He's not underaged right! I also noticed Matthieu at the beginning, so wanna see him again. Summer in Prague right? Hopefully he's also involvedin the sex part? I haven't forgotten about the scene with SErge!

g******* - 04/30/2021 1:16:05 AM

That scene blew me away. Jorik is so sweet and sexy and Derek has grown into a real man with muscles, hair and a delicious cock. The cum bath at the end was a treat with Jorik's trademark cum fountain and Derek finding Jorik's mouth and yes, he swallowed. The shower at the end was fiendish erotic and they looked ready for round 2.

s******** - 04/29/2021 11:25:29 AM

haiku for a bueno bumsen: jorik y derek/paradiso bel ami/ immer sexcellent

D************* - 04/29/2021 8:42:42 AM

I loved the beginning with Derek showing off his chat skills. Derek is good at everything he does. I love the expressions on Derek's face during a chat private show. He has these facial expressions of a sweet innocent little boy, but we all know what a stud and a great man he is.

J****** - 04/28/2021 12:12:33 AM

Absolutely hot scene with two perfect guys. Especially Jorik is a new favorite of mine. Hope to see mutch more scenes with him in future!!!

w****** - 04/27/2021 11:04:09 PM

A brilliant scene. Many thanks and lots of love to both. I have a perverse desire to tweak Derek's nipple hair.

m***** - 04/27/2021 9:17:10 PM

@josef: you are so right!

p***** - 04/27/2021 8:35:22 PM

One of the highlight of this scene was Jorik in the shower at the end. That beautiful, stiff cock is a wonder to behold. ❤❤

F******* - 04/27/2021 5:28:19 PM

Scenes like this are why I keep my membership! Jorik is quickly becoming my favorite! I'd love ❤️ to see Ashton top him! The size difference would be totally hot! I'd love ❤️ to see a lift and carry fuck with Jorik!

r*********** - 04/27/2021 5:23:17 PM

Jorik and Derek - two dark-haired boys - awesome awesome.

d******* - 04/27/2021 2:23:08 PM

Sure hope Derek has a good excuse for being late for his English class. Jorik is a wonderful reason for being late. Derek has all that hair on his ass and thighs umm. As I have said before and no one listens if you need help with English you may send me a love note with your question and I will respond as English is my only language.

a********* - 04/27/2021 2:14:52 PM

Beautiful children as always. Here the attractive kinky is for the guys on stage. But the camera is approximate guided and I get lost looking at the framing defects and get drunk by the anxious, agitated dancer holding up the camera. 1 star.

h********* - 04/27/2021 1:15:34 PM

Derek is a perfect example of how glorious natural body hair can be. He’s a favorite, and Jorik is growing on me.

B********* - 04/27/2021 11:50:15 AM

There is no such thing as too much Jorik! The more I see of him the deeper in lust I fall. He will become a BA 'all time great' and is worth the subscription all on his own! Great scene, well crafted and hot beyond belief. As ever, Jorik can be relied upon to produce an enormous cum fountain, which adds to his charm, because you know he is always going to produce an explosive ending! Very happy Bear here! :)

J******** - 04/27/2021 9:53:24 AM

Den süßen Jorik möchte ich auch gerne in den Himmel vögeln!

K***** - 04/27/2021 9:51:09 AM

Derrick never disappoints and seeing Jorik actually Swallow makes it 5+ The more shower time the better !

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