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Jorik Tautou

Jorik Tautou is one of this year’s best discoveries. His beautiful smile, innocent look and massive cock could make him a star. All these qualities shine in this stunning photoset shot by Eliot Klien.

r*********** - 04/26/2021 7:12:28 AM

Even Eliot seems to have been tempted to try harder with this absolutely awesome cutie pie. He's perfect in every way.

t******* - 03/18/2021 3:45:17 PM

please more...want to see him cum

k******** - 03/14/2021 6:40:57 PM

What a wonderful boy. Please more content!!!

p******* - 03/08/2021 7:12:53 PM

Jorik is very handsome and has a beautiful cock but needs to spend some time in the gym to add some muscle to his physique..

V************ - 03/02/2021 6:07:31 PM

I hope Jorik stays around for a long time. He is just so cute, has perfect unblemished skin and such an amazing cock and cum blast!

M********* - 02/27/2021 11:37:58 AM

Amazing photos of a sexy young guy. His skin looks so soft and his poses so woderful.

t******* - 02/24/2021 5:31:59 PM

Jorik's my crush , i love himmmmmm , please make more videos of him

b******* - 02/24/2021 9:24:38 AM

Jorik is an absolute delight - a most unusual combination of innocence and naughtiness.. I agree with sinjin123 - it would be good to see him paired with Andre, who always brings out the best in his partner.and who also combines a look of innocence with a voracious sexual appetite.

g******* - 02/23/2021 10:58:12 PM

Jorik is just so delicious to look at. He has a sparkling personality and he cums like a fire hose.

m***** - 02/23/2021 9:04:29 PM

Jorik is without words. You disvovered a real gem!

a********* - 02/23/2021 7:07:00 PM


c********** - 02/23/2021 6:11:19 PM

Super collection of images displaying Jorik's considerable charms, especially his glorious ass!

o****** - 02/23/2021 5:01:43 PM

Absolutely in love!!! Just a gem!!!

6***** - 02/23/2021 12:50:07 PM

Photo number 3 makes me sooooooo hungry! Great photos of a beautiful young man.Thanks

m****** - 02/23/2021 12:10:20 PM

Jorik is one of your best new models. Love him! Kudos to Eliot for capturing his charm in this photo set.

c***** - 02/23/2021 11:44:43 AM

Exciting set of photos....really like the poses as they are fun and not boring, Jorik looks playful and has a great smile . Thanks!

s******** - 02/23/2021 10:15:37 AM

get Jorik in a scene with eternal Super-Cutey-Legend ANDRE BOLEYN...oh! such hotness together will melt the interweb.!!! Jorik like Andre before him is impossibly Cute and so CUTE it hurts to behold such demi-godly beauty and let us not forget Guilio Pasolini and Pip.

J******** - 02/23/2021 9:38:28 AM

I am totally and utterly joyful and in love with this incredible youngster, look at picture 3,what a fresh and thick pack in his undies, to die, lick and enjoy for! To me a godly twink, just irrisistably seducing! If only I was a millionaire, I'd buy and spoil him! He'd have the cutest clothes, the best hair-dresser, the uttermost gosh car and I'd fuck him on the deck of my Jacht It's a fact that money can buy youth and he is worth every Euro! I mean, let's be honest, he is here to earn money on his god-giveen endowements, so don't blame me for being hot for the guy!

t****** - 02/23/2021 9:14:49 AM

Jorik is spectacularly attractive, cute and so sexy, with a mouth-watering body, ass, cock and face. Most outstanding and interesting model I’ve seen for a while.

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