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Jordan Faris & Hugo Diorr

The outward perks of working for Bel Ami include great pay, travel and learning new skills. Then there are the hidden perks, the chief one being there’s always someone to call if you get horny. Jordan Faris takes full advantage of this perk as he calls up Hugo Diorr to satisfy his urgent sexual needs. Jordan is one of our regulars and Hugo is a free agent that works for some other studios. Perhaps this reality has inspired Hugo to prove his worthiness. First, he demonstrates what a good little cocksucker he is by deepthroating Jordan’s big fat dick. Then he proves himself to be a hungry and eager bottom. Or perhaps he just likes Jordan’s big fat dick. Jordan, for one, doesn’t care about the reason. He just knows that Hugo has completely quenched his urgent sexual needs and left him completely satisfied.

Jordan Faris
Hugo Diorr
m******** - 07/14/2019 5:37:36 AM

Esta não foi uma boa semana para Freshmen. Hugo, Ben e Aidan não são bons modelos para Belami.

R************ - 07/13/2019 3:19:02 PM

Bellissimo il buco di culo di Hugo.

B****** - 07/12/2019 3:05:05 AM

It's good but it could have been excellent if Jordan would have been able to enjoy Hugo without him having to masturbate by himself. There is work to be done to make these presentations more exciting.

g******* - 07/12/2019 1:40:09 AM

Hugo is a cute guy and his ass is gorgeous and made for big-cocked guys like Jordan. A pleasant little tryst.

e******** - 07/11/2019 3:18:15 AM

Hugo"s eyes turn me on

V************ - 07/10/2019 5:13:13 PM

Not really all that great for me. Jordan does have a nice body and dick and is reasonably attractive, but Hugo is too thin and there is nothing about him that would make me want to watch him. The kissing in this scene was so superficial that it was actually a turn off for me. It was such a standard fuck scene that I wound up fast forwarding through most of it. Nothing special here at all to give it more than a 3 star rating.

b***** - 07/10/2019 12:58:08 PM

Sweet and sexy scene! Jordan is so cute and with such a sultry body (don’t forget about the real nice dick), Hugo is a nice playmate for him and both guys are affectionate in their love making so what could go wrong? Well, nothing went wrong here, it is all all right 🔥 (Karstan321 is right though about the harsh cut between Jordan gloating over the prospect of fucking Hugo and the start of the actual sex. Showing Hugo enter and both guys getting all hot over each other would have been a far better choice.)

K********* - 07/10/2019 4:43:42 AM

Another abrupt editing issue, the scene started out very sexy, and Hugo could have slid in and just start going down on Jordan. But no, we had to have an abrupt edit (again) and no natural transition between opening scene and sex scene. The best part sometimes is watching foreplay and the clothes coming off. That is my two cents worth. I guess that is my input. i know others may have wanted other things and let down by not having this or that. I get it. But on the upside Jordan is very sexy guy. Both guys did a nice job. So props to the models, but the editor , in my opinion, could have done better.

j***** - 07/09/2019 3:13:24 PM

I also enjoyed this since Jordan is one of my favorites. I would love to see Pip and Jordan in a scene together, please!

o****** - 07/09/2019 9:54:22 AM

A pleasure to watch Jordan and Hugo back! A long time… Nice to see them enjoying each other a lot! Same scenario, same regret… But again a great gaping hole!

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