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Jon Kael & Paul Cassidy

We have to say that Jon Kael and Paul Cassidy are both in amazing shape, even if they sometimes doubt it themselves. It's hard retaining the perfect body in Greece where the food is so delicious and the filming schedule very busy. Jon Kael has found some time to perform some pull-ups at least. When Paul sees this divine boy half-naked, he quickly starts to seduce him. Jon is always up for some fun so he follows Paul’s impulses and they start kissing and losing the rest of their clothes. Once naked and horny, the blowjob foreplay leads to hardcore fucking, and Paul’s ass experiences some deep and intense penetration by Jon’s juicy dick. The hot encounter ends with two big loads of cum.

Jon Kael
Paul Cassidy
m******* - 07/07/2024 5:26:09 AM

OMG.... Handsome JON KAEL is such a hot guy and my favorite man. His hot nude male body, his perky and sensitive nipples and his huge uncut banana cock and big hanging balls are so amazing hot to watch. Like to watch how he strokes his huge uncut cock while touching and playing with his big nipples and fingering his hot male ass too. He enjoy playing with his big hanging balls too. Hottest man to man encounter with Paul Cassidy, who has a hot body and huge uncut cock too. JON KAEL enjoys fucking him very hard bareback in his hot ass. JON KAEL is an amazing guy with such a hot male body and hope to see him and Paul Cassidy soon back in a hot bareback scene with other hot Bel Ami and Freshman guys.

M****** - 01/01/2024 8:26:27 PM

Magnificent. Frequently BelAmi scenes cross over from porn to high artistry, and this is a perfect example. Even if all the explicit sexual content were removed, the stunning images of these two virile men, in this perfect location, are thoroughly satisfying and erotic. The videography is superb withwonderful lighting to showcase the bodies, the colors, the sea.. I loved the humorous opening with Jon disappointed by how out-of-shape he has become (!) and the subsequent body inspection and worship. Even the pull-ups turned me on, and I was glad you captured that from both sides so we could enjoy the musculature of their backs. Another detail I loved was the pause after Paul came for some kissing and sucking before Jon repenetrated for his own orgasm.

A******* - 03/16/2023 9:20:41 PM

I agree with nearly all the previous comments. Beautiful guys, scenery, great sex & very well shot. Kudos to all.

g******* - 03/16/2023 2:07:57 AM

Two impossibly handsome guys fucking in beautiful surroundings. The man to man body worship was sensational.

M********* - 03/10/2023 8:14:07 PM

Superlative sex! Thank you guys.

s********* - 03/09/2023 2:48:25 PM

great filming, two hot hunky studs, beautiful cocks... such a delight

f******** - 03/08/2023 3:15:23 AM

Two very handsome young men; beautiful scenery; and a good photographer. Very fine video; thank you. Could be a series of lessons for the untrained camera men. All images were level and parallel to the ground. All walls and posts and columns were vertical. For each scene, begin with a full shot (two guys standing by post pre-suck), and then come closer for details. Full image of Jon laying Paul on table. Full image of Jon setting up Paul by window for fuck in Position 1, THEN close-up. Many full shots throughout video. There are plenty of opportunities for close-ups of Jon's cock or Paul's hole. The camera stays still - the actors move. The camera stays still as Jon sets up Paul for a fuck, no camera going up and down and all around. Capturing Paul's full orgasm was especially good and rarely done. He was still in the throes of his original orgasm when Jon began sucking his very sensitive cockhead; he went into a second or prolonged orgasm which was a joy to watch. Paul of course is an expert bottom, and it was a pleasure to see his ass and hole work Jon's dick. This is the way all BA and Freshmen videos should look, with competent/good videography.

w****** - 03/07/2023 10:23:02 PM

I don't think that roof was designed for doing pull-ups. I was worried it would collapse any minute, especially when they both jumped up. I hope Paul didn't end up with any splinters in his back from that table. I thought Jon was a bit rude about Greek food, which I much prefer to all those Czech dumplings. Lots of love to both.

H***** - 03/07/2023 6:06:02 PM

Why have they all to be over muscular built and that's finally good. You've got Belami and a lot of other sides for those, take a mebership on those. Not all sides need those type of guys.

d******* - 03/07/2023 5:26:56 PM

Two nice hunks enjoying each others lovely bodies and what hunks too. 😎😎😎😎

t********* - 03/07/2023 5:25:53 PM

Strongly agree with Pianist and BryanF - finally a scene of two handsome and muscular guys in great sex. Love Jon’s and Paul’s pecs and nipples - maybe the best ever at Belami. A true treat!

a***** - 03/07/2023 4:49:27 PM

Paul must be a super horny boy when he started 🔥🔥

B***** - 03/07/2023 3:19:04 PM

Great scene! Jon's chest is so beautiful ..... magnificent pecs.

P****** - 03/07/2023 1:12:35 PM

Hooray! for once, two real hunks.

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