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Johny Hardin

Johny Hardin is our latest 2021 discovery. He comes from Slovakia and was recruited primarily for our chat site but he also happily agreed to shoot this nice photo set for Freshmen. So relax and enjoy the beauty of this 18 year old guy and then let us know in the comments below if you would to see more of him in the future.

R******** - 04/02/2022 9:30:39 AM

Would definitely like to see Johny in action

b********** - 02/26/2022 11:06:08 PM


M********* - 01/14/2022 7:34:11 PM

Johny is smart and very sexy. Hope to see much moore of him.

a********* - 01/13/2022 10:46:14 AM

There's no doubt the bulk of subscribers including myself would be more than happy and grateful to see more of this handsome and sexy man. I could care less if they come to us through chat, scouts, Facebook or whatever. I have no idea what difference it makes. You have found a beauty here that I can see in many a sexy scenario with the other models.

a******** - 01/12/2022 9:27:00 PM

Another hot boy from chat. This trend is really disappointing. BelAmi trademark is hardcore gay filming. If chat was a way to find new hor guys to film... as it is, lots of models doing only chat, it is really underwhelming...

b********** - 01/12/2022 2:14:30 PM

Yes! It's because of guys like him that I subscribe!

b********* - 01/12/2022 2:39:02 AM

Johny, you look incredible in this photo set! Please put the razor away and come back to do a photosession video which would make your fans very happy. : )

s********* - 01/11/2022 11:37:13 PM

Hot hot hot!! PLEASE don't relegate this one to webcam only. Bring him back soon.

J******* - 01/11/2022 10:58:40 PM

He's hot as hell, when can we see him in some videos. Maybe a video with Jon Kael

g******* - 01/11/2022 9:31:17 PM

Totally agree - hot as ....

s******** - 01/11/2022 8:24:57 PM

This guy is spectacular, from head to toe. It is almost difficult to believe he is only 18. My only complain is that the pics are little

S****** - 01/11/2022 7:59:58 PM

This stud is HOT HOT HOT HOT. To see him in a sex scene would be sheer heaven.

c****** - 01/11/2022 5:49:43 PM

This is a no-brainer. Yes, I'd like to see more of him, in every possible way!

t********* - 01/11/2022 5:02:47 PM

Hells YES!!! Are you kidding?? PLEASE get this guy into a sex scene as soon as possible!! He’s magnificent! Would love to see him bottom for Adam or Rhys or Torsten or Antony!!!! PLEASE! Do not hesitate!

t*********** - 01/11/2022 4:52:35 PM

A very beautiful guy, but like Jean Laurent on BAOL, I get no sense of personality from Johny. There's a hint of a smile in a couple of the photos, but he mostly shows us the "vacant fashion model stare." Since he's a chat model, I assume Johny can be animated and fun, so I hope we get to see that - preferably in action with the other guys. And I REALLY would like to see more of that lovely ass - that single photo isn't nearly enough!

k***** - 01/11/2022 4:17:37 PM

Hot, Hot, but no pix of his ass.

s********* - 01/11/2022 3:10:25 PM

B'lieve I would, yer honor!

B***** - 01/11/2022 2:41:04 PM

More, yes please.

h******** - 01/11/2022 2:22:15 PM

A handsome, sexy guy. But of course this is just the envelope -- we must see him in some videos to get an idea of his personality, his temperament. I hope those videos will be made soon!

P****** - 01/11/2022 2:05:19 PM

Disappointing that one of the best recent finds is shown only in photos and not a video. He;s magnificent.

m***** - 01/11/2022 11:35:19 AM

Johny is a beautiful guy, I would love to see him in action with other boys.

c***** - 01/11/2022 11:24:03 AM

Johny has an amazing body. Nice photo set.

j****** - 01/11/2022 11:07:57 AM

Hot body, good looking. A bit small dick.

a***** - 01/11/2022 10:06:44 AM

Looks interesting! I'll 2anna see him too

c************ - 01/11/2022 9:35:44 AM

Damn would love to see this sexy teen in action!

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