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John Leto & Tom Houston

Handsome blue-eyed Tom Houston is in action again. After meeting up with sexy twink John Leto, things soon pick up. Both Tom and John have a huge appetite for sex so pairing them virtually guarantees a great scene. After mutual blowjobs, John delivers his ass to Tom. John loves to bottom so he cums while being fucked by Tom’s uncut cock and then receives a facial cumshot, rounding off today’s scene.

John Leto
Tom Houston
m******* - 03/22/2023 5:26:06 PM

OMG Hottest man to man encounter with Horse hung Tom Houston and John Leto. Could not believe my eyes to see how Tom Houston, enjoy making love to guys and really like man to men sex. Here where he met with John Leto. As soon as both guys getting undressed, was so hot to see both guys their hot male bodies, smooth chest, sensitive nipples and their uncut banana dicks which are so massive and huge. Jim Durden his such big balls and a huge uncut cock, which makes me total crazy. That cock sucking and the way how Tom Houston fucks his friend John Leto very hard bareback was so hot to watch. Can't wait to see both men soon back in a new hot bareback video at Freshman. Tom Houston is my most favorite man !

j********* - 03/17/2023 12:42:05 AM

John is the perfect twink. Such a slender, firm and beautiful body. Tom is really good, but a hairy chest? Come on, Freshmen! This is not what we signed up for.

M********* - 01/23/2023 4:14:05 PM

Amazing hot sex between such beautyful men, really great pairing. And Tom? I always love to see him, powerful top and superhot bottom. (Tom: I hope You never shave Your bodyhair, is so sexy).

t****** - 01/19/2023 11:54:00 PM

Tom should go to Hollywood!

s************* - 01/18/2023 8:53:30 PM

These 2 young men are so hot! 🔥 Glad John and Tom were paired together! I didn’t want this scene, to end!!!!

J****** - 01/18/2023 1:19:47 AM

Absolutely hot !!! I love John, can't get enought new scenes with him. I really hope to see mutch more of him. I'd like to see him also as top, not ony as bottom, if possible.

g******* - 01/17/2023 11:54:40 PM

What a cum shot from John followed up by Tom's hot facial. They are beautiful and eager. I could have followed those two sexy asses all the way to town and beyond.

A******* - 01/17/2023 8:47:08 PM

Great scene with 2 beautiful boys

d******* - 01/17/2023 5:31:46 PM

John Leto so very sexy and trim.

f******** - 01/17/2023 3:22:16 PM

More on photography. Transitions were excellent. We saw John move from one position to the next. We saw Tom adjust John's body and ass for greater access for his tongue and cock. We saw Tom walk to the chaise, lay back, then saw John come and adjust himself to sit on Tom's cock, and THEN had the good close-ups of Tom's cock in John's ass. The progression was great, natural, and important. Only suggestion I would have would be to extend the finish by 5-10 seconds. Allow the two boys to walk all the way across the room as we watch their nude young bodies, their cute little butts twitching. Don't finish until they disappear down the hall to the shower.

O******* - 01/17/2023 10:20:00 AM

Tom is my favourite and here with John Leto we have another great session. Great how John shoots his cum and Tom squirts in John's face. More of this🌶🌶🌶

r*********** - 01/17/2023 10:10:37 AM

What an exquisite couple of guys - proof that men were made for each other. Perfect in every single way - except one: I didn't get to be an active part of this event.

t********* - 01/17/2023 7:08:37 AM

John Leto brought me back to Freshmen

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