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John Leto & Riff Dornan

John Leto has a great appetite for sex. Big cocks especially are a huge turn-on for him, so when he discovers what Riff Dornan is hiding in his pants, there is no way to stop him from getting what he wants. Marty Stevens, our director today, doesn’t need to give any input and can simply focus on filming the couple. When John finally has Riff’s bare cock inside him, they continue to change positions until both shoot big loads.

Riff Dornan
John Leto
l******** - 04/04/2023 3:22:43 PM

John's load was the worst filmed cum shot in the history of porn. You guys often have a very unhealthy obsession with the zoom button.

a***** - 06/22/2022 7:45:55 PM

It's such a joy to see smily John get excited for the scene, and then take it by riding a dick for an extended period of time! But of course it gets hotter when John is no longer in control of the speed of the fucking and he just takes what's given in spoon, while Riff still caresses him, kisses his nipples, etc. I'm not sure if it's typical but seeing John's smile in switch with struggle is a bit of a turned on for me. I guess John still struggles to cum while being fucked, and I hope that changes over time, but I really don't appreciate the close up zoom while John cums there. I totally don't.

M****** - 06/07/2022 7:40:11 PM

wow what an awesome duo and john is absolutely perfect and looks awesome.

B****** - 06/07/2022 7:20:52 AM

John is the best!

M****** - 06/01/2022 4:39:26 AM

Slender, ripped guys are my faves and it's delightful to see a pairing like this. John is so charming with his sweet smile. Riff reminds me of a young Jude Law. Rimming was great, with plenty of saliva, tongue action, and hole display. John is responsive vocally but restrained enough to avoid sounding like fakey porn moaning. Riff is becoming one of my favorite tops because of his pelvic technique and his sharing of his whole cock when he fucks his partner. The setup made me expect more English pillow talk, but I didn't really miss it. I'd have liked a transition to the missionary finale and then a slower start to it. Here's the chance for Riff to really dominate, but as finales go it was only average. Camerawork, lighting, editing all superb (although I can never get enough shots of Riff's pretty eyes).

g******* - 06/01/2022 2:49:34 AM

Riff, what a hot guy and with a fantastic orgasm at the end. Hard to take one's eyes of John - a really sexy dude who was up for round two, I think.

j********* - 06/01/2022 1:41:28 AM

Just a quick update. I've just caught up with another Riff video (Riff Dornan & Peter Annaud from 15-Feb-22). The difference between these two appearances is dramatic. In this earlier vid, Riff is clean-chested, missing the 'treasure trail' with a trimmed pubic area and smooth-balled. In this earlier video he is all you'd want a Freshman to be and is quite beautiful. Why the big drop in standards for this vid?

b********* - 05/31/2022 10:15:24 PM

Both guys, though attractive, are just a bit too anemic-looking for me here.

t*********** - 05/31/2022 6:34:44 PM

Agree with BryanF, why Jerome is in it? Very bad and completely turn off!

w****** - 05/31/2022 5:11:18 PM

A superb scene. Lots of love to both. I hope Riff's family emergency during the BA/SC collaboration had a happy outcome.

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