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John LetoJens Christensen

It doesn’t take a lot to talk John Leto into sex especially when someone as sexy as Jens Christensen is doing the persuading. Jens takes the initiative today and John quickly follows his lead. Both of the boys have nice juicy cocks and excellent oral skills leading to some spectacular blowjob action. Jens' wild personality is very much in evidence as he fucks John’s mouth and only intensifies when he finally gets to penetrate his ass. John is happy to let his partner take the lead because he is very acquainted with Jens‘ talent for giving total anal pleasure.

Jens Christensen
John Leto
B****** - 06/23/2021 12:29:28 AM

John is mine and many friends favorite…need more videos of him please!

K***** - 05/25/2021 2:09:47 AM

George most definitely has developed a fixation for skinny dark haired twinks in his old age. Now that you are recruiting from other studios regularly. Have you considered Finn Harper aka Igor Uran, i find him sexy as Hell.

V************ - 05/18/2021 6:42:38 PM

Perhaps I am mistaken, but it seems that one of the more recent photo session sets we saw of Jens he was body builder buff. Yet I was of the impression that John Leto is one of the newer models. So, unless I am mistaking Jens for someone else in the photo shoot, this scenes looks like a fairly old scene before Jens added a lot of muscle. In any event, this was a pretty good scene and I was glad John finally let go of his cock while he was being fucked.

S****** - 05/18/2021 2:43:52 AM

Good scene...but sorry, I am not really into John Leto and Jorik Tauto. Too skinny for my liking, and too skinny for Bel Ami in my opinion...Lets please start feeding these boys!!

d******* - 05/13/2021 5:44:25 PM

John Leto is so gorgeous.

i******* - 05/12/2021 7:10:23 PM

John Leto is a beautiful skinny boy bottom! Hope to see much much more of him!

J****** - 05/11/2021 11:47:32 PM

John is a absolutely hot and sexy new Boy and a perfect addition for the BA-Team. Hope to see mutch more of him in future with the other boys. I finally agree with tommyscott and really hope to see John also on top. Please allow me to say, that I'm getting bored of watching the new boys almost only bottoming! It's mutch hotter to see the new guys in versatil action, like Jorik.

a***** - 05/11/2021 6:25:50 PM

I hope Leto eventually learns how to get to climax with a dick inside him

t********* - 05/11/2021 5:22:24 PM

Leto has über model quality; hope he also tops

a********* - 05/11/2021 2:26:51 PM

1 star to the antiquated conceptuality of the cameraman filming, 5 stars to John and Jens.

s******** - 05/11/2021 12:43:17 PM

Jens, ruggedly handsome lumberjacck, hooks up with John Leto, the disco-prettyboy. Great scene.

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