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John Leto

John Leto is back with us for the solo portion of his introduction. This is the last of our formal introduction so now John is officially part of our FM family. He will have several scenes coming your way before summer with beauties like Jens Christensen, Kirk Gauguin and more.

John Leto
m******* - 08/12/2021 10:46:07 AM

Great solo scene with this newcomer John Leto. His smooth body is amazing hot as soon as he got undressed and show us his hot male body. like to watch he plays with his nipples and strokes his huge cock . Hope to see John returning soon in a bareback scene with Jim Durden !

c***** - 01/21/2021 4:02:38 AM

I love John Leto's body, such a sexy fellow!

R***** - 12/31/2020 4:43:45 PM

John is a very sexy, lean, toned, fit lad; stroking his big cock and fingering his fuzzy asshole. A lovely cumshot and a gorgeous smile as he licks his cum off his fingers. I'm looking forward to seeing cute, sexy John in action soon,

v******** - 12/29/2020 12:40:35 AM

Absolutely stunning. He will be a superstar.

p**************** - 12/28/2020 6:36:34 AM

mi amor como te contacto?

D******* - 12/24/2020 4:53:32 PM

John = lovely face, sexy lips, hot ears, horny eyes, gorgeous dick, deep hole, Love every part of his body. John the hottest boy......­čîč

R************ - 12/24/2020 12:40:36 PM

Questa notte vorrei dormire col cazzo di John infilato nel mio culo.

b******* - 12/24/2020 1:35:54 AM

All I want for christmas is John!

d******* - 12/24/2020 12:02:29 AM

John oh so lovely with sweet lips to kiss and gorgeous eyes always smiling and has nice ass too with hole ready for the rest of them, hairstyle very nice makes him look elegant. John is just lovely.

L********* - 12/23/2020 11:01:15 PM

Lovely boy, lovely bate

t********* - 12/23/2020 3:07:05 PM

Lovely, sexy, cute and has a Uber star potential

t********* - 12/23/2020 11:58:58 AM

Nice thick shaft!

M****** - 12/23/2020 12:02:27 AM

I really like it when the solo model relates directly to the camera, and John is able to do that with ease. I also enjoyed how deliberately and extensively John displayed his hole for the camera, spreading his cheeks and really allowing us to enjoy the sight of that young, tight pink hole. The afterglow in the shower was nice, too.

6*********** - 12/22/2020 8:20:05 PM

This boy is gorgeous.

V************ - 12/22/2020 5:34:59 PM

Nice looking young man, but there is almost something too perfect about his face and hair. His hairstyle so high up on his head seems odd to me. Otherwise I think he looks very delicious and his sleek build fits him well. Thin, but not unattractively so. I look forward to seeing how he does in a sex scene.

W****** - 12/22/2020 4:46:58 PM

Handsome guy and a nice addition to freshmen. Look forward to his scenes with the gorgeous Jens and Kirk.

A********** - 12/22/2020 3:23:59 PM

Uahuuu !! 5 billion stars !!!! So beautiful, cute, sexy with wonderful cock and the most fantastic & perfect hot ass from BA&Freshmen. Also nice and sexy legs, feet, hands, smile....... absolutely PERFECT for me !!!

a***** - 12/22/2020 2:56:15 PM

Wow when I heard the names Jens and Kirk, I really wanna see the both of them bottom. But with John, I guess I'll just put more focus on John, look forward!

h********* - 12/22/2020 2:54:45 PM

Good looking young guy with nice hairy legs and hole. Awfully thin and in dire need of a better haircut.

P****** - 12/22/2020 2:40:12 PM

The hair is better here than in previous videos, which makes his face look somewhat more appealing. Still, much too skinny and in need of a tan. One star.

a********* - 12/22/2020 2:08:13 PM

Coccoloso. Dolcioso. Piselloso a salamino da inghiottire tutto intero giusto a Natale! 5 stelle filanti in un Delizioso giorno Nevoso Sbriluccicoso. Tutto sboroso. (Very difficult translation attempt for the crazy Italian terms composed by me: "Cuddly. Sweet. Piselloso a salami to swallow whole just for Christmas! 5 streamers on a Delightful Shiny Snowy day. All luscious.")

o****** - 12/22/2020 10:07:05 AM

Pretty sexy boy! Very sensual! Love his hairy legs and hole, his smooth white thighs! He likes taste his cum!

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