Sex scene

John & Jens

Jens Christensen takes the initiative next week and John Tautou will quickly follow his because he is very acquainted with Jens‘ talent for giving total oral and anal pleasure.

Jens Christensen
John Leto
m***** - 05/05/2021 10:03:40 AM

Great pairing! Lean, elegant and beautiful John with sexy, hunky Jens...

g******* - 05/05/2021 1:29:02 AM

Sheer male beauty and exuberance!

m******* - 05/04/2021 6:57:56 PM

Jens will always have a place in my heart for the way he deep throated Joel Birkin, and then took Joe's fuck like a champ. So lay it on me Jens, you and Leto.

h********* - 05/04/2021 3:26:19 PM

Poor John, so terribly scrawny and still the awful haircut. Jens is a major stud. This is a very odd pairing.

a********* - 05/04/2021 12:18:58 PM

Next week will be a great one. Especially with John Leto and Jens, Ashton with Tom and not to forget Elio and Jorik. I love all of them. Thanks for this program. BTW I agree with ajames.

a***** - 05/04/2021 11:56:45 AM

I'm just blown away! Love to see both Jens and John, and I miss Jens bottoming a real lot now! but I'll let it slide since I'm seeing John :P

t********* - 05/04/2021 11:33:08 AM

John looks great here as he appears more tan than previous scenes but his hair looks better longer. Jens is great in this scene but he needs more tan and he could look better with longer hair as John would.

K***** - 05/04/2021 9:20:08 AM

John Tautou ? Or Leto ? Whoever is way to skinny and has a terrible hair cut. Jens looks better with his hair a little longer. May skip next week entirely, not much to look forward to.

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