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Joel Birkin & Yannis Paluan

There are many guys with huge dicks that rely only on the size of their member to attract a lover, but that is certainly not the case with Joel. Gentlemenly, attentive, considerate and passionate, Joel almost is the perfect package. The recipient of all these ministrations today is bubble butt star, Yannis Paluan in our lead scene this week from our latest Greek project. While it seems that Joel's dick may have been a bit too much for Yannis, he is very well practiced in giving his partners exactly the amount they need for maximum pleasure, and has Yannis squirming in delight throughout this scene.

Joel Birkin
Yannis Paluan
C*********** - 11/30/2022 10:13:34 PM

I could watch Yannis all day and all night long— He gets me hot the moment he walks into the room. Joel has a bigger cock, but Yannis is my guy . . .what a bod, what a dick and balls an uncircumcised penis turns me on immediately But Yannis’ cumshotis disappointing. I want to see that stud’s copious semen spurt towards the ceiling every time he fucks or is fucked.

b******* - 07/25/2022 12:43:55 AM

Super hotttttt 🥵🔥🥵

d***** - 07/10/2022 5:36:13 PM

Two gods making love. Gorgeous men, among the best at BA. Beautiful setting by the pool. However, there was such a rushed aspect to the scene as if they were in a race to beat the clock. Slower, more sensual adoration of each other's bodies and personhoods, would have intensified the eroticism of the scene. These guys are incredibly sexy, and it would be lovely to see them appreciating each other's beauty in a less hurried fashion.

d***** - 07/08/2022 10:02:40 PM

Too bad the camera was not reset for indoor light. The scene, the actors, and the activity deserved better.

m******* - 07/08/2022 4:34:22 PM

I loved this scene. It is a gem and Joel's taking off Yannis; pants and going to work of his fat dick was mind boggling and then came the 69. Whew.

d******* - 07/07/2022 11:59:40 PM

Just wonderful, just wonderful!!

M****** - 07/07/2022 7:36:15 PM


s******** - 07/06/2022 8:50:45 PM

Impossible not to love the fact that Joel Birkin, the owner of one of the most beautiful cocks in the history of our site, buries it whole in Yanis Paulan, owner of one of the most delicious asses one can dream of.

S****** - 07/06/2022 6:59:42 AM

For the past 3 weeks we are seeing sex scenes ONLY with our regular experienced models. These scenes should be appearing on the BelAmi main site. I do not see any Freshmen on the Freshmen site for some time now... So, this site is now DEFINITELY another clever way to weasel $20 extra from our pockets each month. Gosh, George, I have a great idea! In addition to the BelAmi main site and the Freshmen site, why don't you add a THIRD site to get yet ANOTHER extra $20 out of us? You can call this third site OLDERMEN or NOT SO FRESHMEN, and you can bring back all your old models from the 90s, at least those who are still alive and not completely traumatized after being used, abused and rejected by the porn industry. How inclusive AND nostalgic that would be! And another $20 out of our pockets! Hell, I think most of us would actually pay for it !!!

g******* - 07/06/2022 1:09:45 AM

As good as this scene is, what is the new definition of "Freshmen"?

w****** - 07/05/2022 11:45:15 PM

Absolutely superb! I have been looking forward to this scene since the preview last week and it exceeds my expectations. As for Joel's dick being a bit too much for Yannis, I see no evidence of that here. He appears to take all of Joel's 10 inches with impressive ease. Many thanks and lots and lots of love to both.

a***** - 07/05/2022 9:48:57 PM

Yannis looking like this is sweet, I hope he opens his eyes more and more ad more too! Can't wait to find some time to watch this week and last week's scenes

t********* - 07/05/2022 6:23:54 PM

Strongly agree with Pianist (damn, Yannis’ nipples and pecs send me heavenward every time I see them) about Yannis! However, my message focuses on the top, Joel. I think we should start an all-out, pull out all the stops write-in campaign to petition that Joel finally, FINALLY, finally bottom and that he bottom for Adam! My mind is just racing thinking of how HOT this scene would be!! Adam topping Joel until Joel cums in a volcanic geyser of heavenwardly- violent cumshots!! 🥳🥳🥳🎉🥳

P****** - 07/05/2022 2:32:04 PM

I never tire of seeing the wonderful Yannis.

n********* - 07/05/2022 12:25:00 PM

It is so nice to sea Joel back :) Sexy scene

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