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Joel Birkin & Matthieu Pique

Sometimes you must take the good with the bad. We’re hoping (perhaps futilely) that this is the attitude those who dislike Joel’s selfies will take. The good starts with our getting to see Joel and “(not so) little Joel” looking for a place he can jerk off in private. The good gets better as, failing that, Joel practices his seduction skills on a sleeping Matthieu Pique who gets to enjoy a wake-up blow job from his big-dicked buddy. Though this makes for a very good morning for Matthieu, Joel’s big dick up his ass will make this good morning great! While many can take all of Joel, few do it with as much enthusiasm as Matthieu. A camera in Joel’s hand is fine with Matthieu if he’s got that dick between his legs.

Joel Birkin
Matthieu Pique
w****** - 03/26/2020 1:53:29 PM

Why are people so worried about the camera? Who cares? Joel is going to parlay his porn career in front of the camera into a more solid role in this company. Good for him. I'm more focused on him getting that nut at the end. Very nice!

p****** - 10/31/2019 12:22:32 PM

Joel cant seem to go anywhere now without a camera attached to his hand. Annoying. Distracting. Not the fantasy.

d******* - 10/16/2019 8:23:28 AM

Joel did a wonderful job screwing Matthieu on film while screwing him at the same time. Joel has a beautiful body, nice cock for Matthieu to suck plus sweet hole for Matthieu screw and make love to.

p******* - 10/12/2019 1:36:39 AM

I agree with all the negative comments about Joel's camera (or any model holding a camera during a scene) - so distracting and unnecessary and quite redundant when the whole scene is obviously being filmed by a real camera man! I have come to the point that I will no longer watch a scene with one of the models holding a camera!

g******* - 10/11/2019 1:38:06 AM

The more of Joel I see, the more I fall in love with him. He is gentle, that deep voice, fabulous body and, of course, his magnificent cock. He sure knows how to use it and Matthieu seemed to have a good time - great cumshot.

l********** - 10/02/2019 11:49:50 AM

I am ok with this camera thing. What i find more disturbing is that lipstick. The "cherry red"one seems to be used up, now comes the "creamy pink" one. Please less lipstick on the boys. Thanks for consideration.

V************ - 09/27/2019 3:22:03 PM

Agree with most of the comments below. The hand held camera ruined what could have been a great scene. Loved Matthieu's voluminous cum shot though. How hot it would have been if Joel had gone down on his cock while he was still coming or had gone down and licked up some of the cum running down Matthieu's balls.

R************ - 09/26/2019 4:38:05 PM

Le bevute di sborra mi costringono a farmi una sega.

i******* - 09/25/2019 7:55:50 PM

You know when Jack filmed his scene with Gino, I didn't mind so much...because it was Jack and Gino! The camera was an accessory. Here it seems the camera is the most important thing and it really detracts. Joel is one of my favorite performers and Matthieu is great, but this camera was a distraction for both of them and their performances suffered for it. So Joel with a camera is still better than no Joel, but don't make us choose! BA is still the best!

b***** - 09/25/2019 11:30:32 AM

Handheld camera or no handheld camera, it is still Joel we are looking at and him and Matthieu do a very good job. I enjoyed watching this episode!

K********* - 09/25/2019 1:33:09 AM

That G@DD@MN Camera again! Ugh, total scene ruined, you could have at least ran scene instead of a solo this week to overcome what feels like a very light posting of scenes. I usually look forward to Tuesdays between here and Bel Ami, but incessant POV cameras, night scenes and now soundtracks? WTF is going on? Keep the sex as natural and filled with chemistry - dispense with the gimmicks and props.

w****** - 09/24/2019 10:52:25 PM

I love Joel's hand held camera. He captures a lot of very erotic footage which would be very difficult for another cameraman to get. I particularly love his filming of Mathieu's lovely sexy bum. For the first time in my life I feel jealous of a seat cushion.

m******* - 09/24/2019 7:56:19 PM

I am not the greatest fan of the hand held camera unless it has nothing to do with the action. I forgive Joel all so I am not going to bad mouth the most unreal fantasy man I have ever seen or known of. So I am taking the road to higher ground and hope that soon those cameras will be off scene. OTH The scene sizzles for me and the presence of Joel with the fabulous Matthieu makes my mouth water in ways I could never do in public. The things my fantasies want to taste, touch, smell, entertain and endure are off the charts everytime Joel enters a scene. As the time moves onward and great Bel Ami stars move on with their lives in other ways, I will always hope for one more glance, one more thrill, chill, palpitating heart for the sight of Joel. Selah!

n******* - 09/24/2019 5:30:14 PM

Please get rid of the camera that seems to have become a permanent fixture on Joel’s scenes. Please. I entirely agree with tpierre and baptists: it is pure nonsense that adds nothing. It only distracts. Thank you for listening!

b******* - 09/24/2019 12:39:55 PM

This could have been a wonderful scene, with two of my favourite models : Matthieu is such a sexy kid with those hairy legs and arse, and takes Joel's huge cock with ease. But it is impossible to concentrate on the sex with that wretched camera in the way.. There is an awful moment at the beginning of Matthieu's orgasm when Joel turns away from the cum gushing out of Matthieu's cock to look at the camera!

l******* - 09/24/2019 12:01:08 PM

Splendid scene with Mathieu and Joel! All of us would love to have sex with these two stallions!

t********* - 09/24/2019 10:13:50 AM

Matthieu looks awesome with an all-over and deeper-tan. Add Joel with his super-sized dick, cute face and nice body: the result is a very hot scene indeed. While the ending would not have been my choice, it is in my book a five-star scene and I hope we see much more of both Joel and all-over tanned Matthieu. Also, like Matthieu's hair color and the less militaristic haircut. My only nit is Matthieu still appears to have a foot fungus that an ointment could fix. Otherwise, excellent scene!

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