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Joe Brady

We would like to introduce you to Joe Brady. This handsome boy came into our world with excitement in his eyes but before we had the chance to start training him, he decided not to continue. Except for his unreleased casting video, this photo set is the only thing we have done with Joe. But you are sure to ensure this cute boy whose juicy dick is definitely a thing to admire.

e****** - 05/14/2022 8:29:55 PM

Joe is handsome nice body and a big cock. He has everything!

S****** - 10/09/2021 9:10:49 PM

I agree with buick2001 and topdog2013. Not much of a loss here...

b******* - 09/27/2021 11:13:45 PM

Too bad you could not keep him! Could have been so great! Miss him already.

J******* - 09/27/2021 7:06:23 AM

Freshmen refers to beginners (first year of high school, first year of college, etc.), whether they were beginners in 2021 or 2011. And do you really want to watch two beginners trying to figure it all out? If it is a seasoned pro showing the newbie the ropes, that belongs on Freshman. If it is two seasoned pros, they belong on BelAmi. Unless it is a series of seasoned pros showing the newbies the ropes (and the only series I can think of on either site that did that were Boot Camp and Summer in Prague). Freshmen should be the site for introducing new talent and letting them get over the hurdles of being freshmen with the assistance of the seasoned hands (sophomores through faculty).

k********* - 09/25/2021 10:06:17 AM

wow i love him so much ! so nice body and smile ! and this gorgeous and thick cock !!! go on for video ! please

t********* - 09/25/2021 7:45:16 AM

No stars. Boy, Freshmen had a horrible selection this week. Only Jack saved an otherwise mediocre selection... Please no more weeks like this! Bring back Kirk, Olaf, Ashton, Jon Kael, Paolo, Serge, Kristian, Enrique. I would clap from the rooftops if you brought back Robin Michaux or Bob Marghiela!!!!! Forget this group (except Jack). NOT FRESHMEN MATERIAL!! Ugh...

G******* - 09/24/2021 9:34:28 PM

We're in love... Can he fuck Johnny McLeod please? The contrast would be amazing!

b******** - 09/22/2021 6:19:48 PM

Not much of a loss.

a****** - 09/22/2021 7:29:38 AM

For Joe Brady, you're cute and have a nice dick. Subscribers, remember that not every guy posted in a Freshmen weekly update will be here for one scene, several, or never again. This is a photo set, and enjoy it for what it is. I'm sure lots and lots of hot - and not-so-hot - young men come through the casting door, and while we are subscribers, it's not our decision who gets casted, who gets to go forward, who chooses to decline showing us their hot bod, and who gets booted out. Enjoy what puts out every week, and jerk off to it. You're not all experts on what is 'BA/FM quality,' no matter who you are. All that said, I do not quite understand why '' is recycling hot men that have made countless scenes with Belami 9and elsewhere(. Yes, I like the content, but it's not 'fresh' as the website title suggests. I don't know the behind-the-business reasons why posts scenes that are quite dated and have Belami stars that have a long history of scenes, but they continue to do so. If it's not what you want, unsubscribe. It's a thought I have from time to time, but they won't miss a few subscribers.

D************* - 09/22/2021 1:26:21 AM

Joe Brady is just not my type. I'm sure he is a nice person with a wonderful personality, but his face does not turn me on. Joe does have an exceptional penis.

g******* - 09/22/2021 1:17:50 AM

Why waste time and space putting him here?

r********* - 09/21/2021 6:33:07 PM

NO. Who thought this guy was anywhere near BA/FM quality?

J****** - 09/21/2021 2:00:48 PM

Also not for me. Very well said, tso1085 :-)))

P****** - 09/21/2021 1:49:04 PM

No, no, no..

t****** - 09/21/2021 1:20:11 PM

Sorry, I will not miss him. Not that handsome, way too skinny. Believe it or not, a big dick is not everything.

M***** - 09/21/2021 11:18:00 AM

O-M-G another BIG one that got away. Pleeeeesse release his casting video soon!

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