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Joe Angelli & Tom Houston part 2

In the first part of this encounter, Tom Houston showed Joe just how good it feels to have his dick inside you. Now it's time for Joe Angelli to return the favor. The couple are clearly very attracted to each other so it doesn't take a lot to awaken their appetites for another round. Tom’s dick never disappoints but now it's his ass that Joe is craving. As soon as Tom’s hole is ready, Joe slides his uncut cock inside. Every thrust and angle bring the boys closer to a very happy ending. After Tom cums on his stomach, Joe rewards his friend with a powerful load all over his butt.

Tom Houston
Joe Angelli
M*************** - 02/01/2024 7:19:42 AM

I love the smell of patchouli oil and the spectacle that is the annual Burning Man in the northern Nevada Desert held late August each year. Wiki it! It's be said it transforms people lives and attitudes forever. BA has made some brave and progressive moves of late which I applaud. Tom and Joe a hot and sexy pair feasting on each other, hair be damned then we have the scorching new it boy Gene who thankfully still retains his disheveled sexy locks which fly around when he becomes insatiable with cock pumping in and out of him. All new and bold and a slight fork in the BA road. Change is harder for some than others of course. Perhaps a Burning Man series might not be a bad idea for BA and some of us as members as well. I'm really trying here people.

h********** - 01/18/2024 3:17:48 PM

JOE is fantastic! It exudes a steamy sex appeal! And his haircut is superb.

M****** - 01/13/2024 10:14:51 PM

SO much more satisfying than part one (which wasn't bad). I loved how Tom invited Joe to fuck him -- his ass is ready. And PRAISE JESUS you moved from the kitchen to the sofa -- so much more comfy. Also, the kitchen was getting a little cluttered with food packages and whatnot, and I wanted someone to slice into that bundt cake. Joe's rimming was very good. Remember that rimming is fun on its own but also helps prepare the hole for penetration, so saliva is key and we get that here. Also loved the moment after Tom came and Joe decided to pick up the pace ("Now it's my turn, baby.") We got the sense that Joe was working to satisfy Tom's desire for full, deep penetration -- and once Tom blew his load, Joe could unleash his own. Many wonderful editorial choices here, too -- very short cuts to a facial expression or different angle but always returning to reveal the full action. Well done. Re Joe's hair: the style is a bold choice, especially in a tradition-bound site like BA. Right or wrong, it suggests that Joe might want to make up his own mind about how he looks. I'm good with that.

0****** - 01/13/2024 9:17:46 AM

Ich finde Joe heiß, Tom sowieso. Mit den langen Haaren bin ich mir nicht sicher, kurze Haare wären vielleicht schmeichelhaft, aber dann wäre er wie jeder andere. Ich würde gerne mehr von ihm sehen.

K************* - 01/11/2024 7:27:17 PM

I want to see Toms body hair on Bobby!

J********* - 01/11/2024 3:35:18 AM

I agree that Joe's hair is so unflattering. He would look much hotter with shorter hair. I really had a challenge getting beyond that , though have to admit there was great chemistry between Tom and joe, But yes, definitely joe;s hair style is off brand.

g******* - 01/10/2024 11:14:00 AM

I like Joe's hair.

W****** - 01/09/2024 9:09:27 PM

Loved both scenes. Tom is as beautiful as ever. Joe is clearly not to everyone's taste but he's definitely to mine (though I think he'd look better with shorter hair). I hope he sticks around.

M********* - 01/09/2024 7:00:59 PM

Great sex between this two guys, the Part 2 is hotter I think. I like Tom topping and even bottoming, but here I prefer the bottoming of him and his orgasm is fantastic.

f****** - 01/09/2024 3:54:57 PM

Not Freshmen material! Where are the young guys?

b******** - 01/09/2024 11:51:50 AM

Whereas I think Joe is incredibly sexy. We need to see much more of him on here with different partners

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