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Joe Angelli & Tom Houston part 1

Handsome Tom Houston is back with us this week in a fresh update with newcomer Joe Angelli. This sexually impatient boy with the unusual hairdo loves everything about sex and, like Tom, is always up for some fun. As soon as they are naked, their cocks rock hard, there is simply no stopping them. Tom Houston is the more experienced in front of the camera and so takes the lead, fucking Joe’s ass until they both cum. Are you ready for another round?

Tom Houston
Joe Angelli
a********** - 06/07/2024 10:47:40 AM

Joe is sp hot! Please don't make him cut his hair. Only guy here with long hair. Love to see him bottom with his hair down!

g****************** - 02/11/2024 2:50:10 PM

Such extremely horny models. Please have uncut ass to mouth scenes in the future or offer versions in which ass to mouth is cut out in case you think not the entire audience would like it.

M*************** - 02/01/2024 6:45:29 AM

Joe is incredible handsome, well built with a cock like his sexual appetite, long and hard. I never complain about hair but I am now for the first time. Enough said. Tom is as always the stunning beauty I wish had more animal in him. He seems more and more like he's just not as engaged and energized as I have always hoped would break through in his performances, or more activity when not filming may give him the energy and physical strength to give 120 percent!

g******* - 01/26/2024 10:55:07 PM

Joe breaks the mould. He is as sexy as fuck with that body and his long straight (gay) cock. He goes after Tom and doesn't let me down. Yes!

M****** - 01/13/2024 9:27:03 PM

I love how slutty Joe is -- eager to open himself for penetration. I was also pleased with the attention to transitions here, showing both the withdrawal of the cock and the adjustment to the new position. I was surprised by the casual manner in which Joe's naked body is first presented, as his robe is shed while leaving the kitchen -- his marvelously shredded form didn't get the attention it deserved. I'm a fan of rimming and enjoyed the way Tom alternately licked and gently massaged Joe's hole, but found the "tip o' the tongue" approach less satisfying than a swirling, relaxed, wet tongue. Think paintbrush, not spear. And a rimming detail: we almost always see the top make the decision that he'll throw back the bottom's legs and commence licking; what if, instead, the bottom went to his back, spread himself, and enticed the top with a tantalizing display of his own hole? I hope you'll pair Joe with a more aggressive top -- Tom was lovely here but I get the feeling Joe would like someone with a little more power and depth in his stroke. Is Adam still available? Jack?

h******* - 01/13/2024 3:54:39 AM

This was wonderful. The guys are so beautiful. Joe has a magnificent physique, such a pleasure to watch, and the body hair made it exceptional!

m***** - 01/12/2024 8:40:54 PM

Wow, Joe with his hard ripped body and cute gigolo face just drives me crazy!!! Also like the hair! Will never understand those pesky complainers, if you don't like a model/scene and have no constructive criticism just leave it be!!!

a******** - 01/12/2024 4:26:32 PM

I enjoyed both parts of this Tom & Joe flip-flop. While I agree that Joe isn't the typical BAOL/FM-model, he does have his lean, almost hairless body going for him. And I personally like his ponytail. Reminds me of scenes with guys at "less polished" studios which I also watch from time to time...

p***** - 01/12/2024 1:07:04 PM

Let's try to look past the hair and enjoy Joe's lythe & ripped body, his appetizing boy pussy, his perfect dick and passionate kissing. I think he has a lot going for him as a model ,& I'd be happy to see more of him ­čśś

J********* - 01/11/2024 3:40:43 AM

Great chemistry and both models have hot bodies, but honestly could not watch this scene because of that swing pony tail of hair - I know joe is attached to it for some reason, but he would look hotter with a less punk style , shorter or more of a traditional surfer style. like Ethan Opry

n****** - 01/11/2024 3:23:00 AM

What are you guys thinking? This long haired AND a bun on top of that is NOT Bel Ami, let alone Freshmen. material! Please do not repeat this type of scene with this guy, Joe. It's a complete turn-off.

p********* - 01/10/2024 8:21:49 PM

Tom is one of my favorite model and I like Him in all sex action but as bottom He is Amazing hot Kissssss

l********* - 01/10/2024 3:06:41 AM

The long hair is totally inconsistent with the branding of Belami and Freshmen guys who are typically boy-next-door clean-cut guys. That is very UN-Freshmen and very UN-Belami.

s********* - 01/10/2024 1:02:02 AM

I am not a huge fan of sideways on the Ikea but I like them both

x****** - 01/09/2024 11:07:07 PM

Always love Tom, but Joe's hair is ghastly, not angellic. Ruins the scene.

b********* - 01/09/2024 5:57:07 PM

Not a fan of Joe's hair, and Tom needs some time at the gym.

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