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Joaquin Arrenas with Jarrod Lanvin & Joel Birkin

For those who are wondering whether today’s scenes are a double-day set or two separate scenes George has an explanation: In 1994 the late Chuck Holmes, founder of Falcon Studios shared some porn wisdom with me. He said, “George, dick sells, and big dicks sell better'’. I innocently protested, “But some customers are telling me that they don't care about dick size. ”He resolutely responded, “Then they are lying”. 

Skip to 2017 when Luke presents to me a scene with Jarrod and Joaquin. I said, “But both boys have rather small dicks”. He innocently protested “But many of our customers claim that they don’t care about dick size”. I resolutely responded, “If that’s what they claim they are lying.” 

So, to stay on the safe side I instructed him to film another part with Joel Birkin included.

Joel Birkin
Joaquin Arrenas
Jarrod Lanvin
l******* - 03/21/2024 11:57:05 PM

I thought Joel's dick was an arm when I first looked at the thumbnail. Damn!

d******* - 05/16/2020 7:31:35 PM

If you like threesomes and I prefer a two some this was okay and Joaquin won as he is so sexy.

C************** - 10/24/2019 5:24:00 PM

Of the three I would prefer Joaquin and Jarrod, although Joel has a handsome face. Good scene.

m****** - 04/26/2019 7:35:01 PM

For the record I love Jarrod's little dick, but I do recognize that I am in the minority.

m******* - 12/15/2017 9:56:03 PM

This video is amazing hot, love hung stud Joel Birkin, his boner is so huge !!! Joaquin and Jarrod are both hot cocksuckers too.... love to see them sucking of that huge cock of Joel Birkin.... Very hot guys !!

m********* - 05/27/2017 12:59:02 AM

Adore Jarrod. Amazing eyes and seductive, intense eye contact with camera and partners. My new favourite

x******* - 05/23/2017 5:48:08 AM


s****** - 05/19/2017 5:14:12 AM

I'd love Joel even if his dick were half it's size. I ain't lying.

d********** - 05/18/2017 6:45:21 PM

Jarrod & Joaquin may not have erections quite as big as Joel, but they can hardly be termed small. There are many of us who don't care about dick size, and we ain't lieing! It's not how much these boys have, but how they USE their assets to seduce, distract and otherwise entertain us. And, boy, BelAmi boys sure know how to do just that.

m******* - 05/18/2017 4:07:15 PM

I watched the 3some last night and I didn't get past the part where Joel has the two studs lined up for easy penetration from behind. Damn, I loved that. Joel seemed to be going deeper into Jarrod early. He was going as deep as that long fat prick would go and it sent thrills all over me. When both are on their hands and knees the sight was just thrilling and when Joel went from Joaquin to Jarrod the sensation and look on Jarrod's face threw me into ecstasy heaven. the beginning when both boys are chowing down on Joel all I could feel was envy laced with tumultuous desire for all three. A beautiful package of sheer delight. ..but then I have the rest of the scene for tonight and on and on. All the guys are just at the best they can be for this scene. Amen.

o****** - 05/18/2017 8:02:26 AM

Hot scene for those who like threesome (I do)! Nice to watch Joaquin and Jarrod share the huge surprise! But he powerful Joel seems tenser than usual. Fucks are a little bit more systematic and mechanical. More sex on this scene. Joaquin is a luscious rascal here! More passion on scene 1 I prefer. But perhaps I 'm a liar...

b***** - 05/17/2017 1:46:46 PM

I strongly object against the assumption that there are only two kind of gays, size queens or liars. Speak for yourself gentlemen! I also object to the assumption that 'seniors' should be left to the BA main site, Joel is proving in this wonderful episode that he is fresh as a daisy. I happen to like the interaction between the more experienced guys and the newbies a lot. Joaquin's and Jarrod's performance is outstanding and both are very pleasant to watch. 5 star scene!

J****** - 05/17/2017 1:57:36 AM

As they say: There are only two kinds of gay guys - size queens and liars. We just can't stop our fascination with seeing huge cocks at work, even though in our personal lives we might prefer, say, 7 to eight inches. Not legendary, but plenty big enough for anything we might want to do. In addition to its size, Joel's penis is beautifully shaped. He has a generous-sized frenulum, which I know from personally having such a penis, makes him exquisitely responsive to the gentlest touch during foreplay. I love the golden fleece on Jarrod's buttocks, surrounding that dark, delicious anus. Loved the puffy poutiness of Joaquin's anus after energetic lovemaking. The scene of alternating doggy style penetrations got close to being too long, and could have had one interation edited out. Still a very satisfying scene, however!

S******* - 05/16/2017 10:20:59 PM

Using my beloved Joel in such a boyish threesomes is a bit like driving nails with the Cullinan diamond, - being not only a rare beauty but one of the most passionate, gentle, affectionate and romantic lovers in all the BA history, he deserves more than being treated like another guy attached to a very big dick. :(((((((((

H***** - 05/16/2017 8:46:30 PM

Agree with the comment about the seniors from the BA site. That's where they have to stay and the Freshmen on the Freshmen-site. That's what I want to see as a member of Freshmen. net. They are fully capable of love- making to each other. With good camera work that's HOT.

o******** - 05/16/2017 6:00:04 PM

The way I read the ratings in Freshmen, big dicks sell only when they belong to freshmen in scenes with other freshmen. When the patricians from BA come to this site to do what patricians always do -- to use the lowly freshmen plebeians to promote themselves -- then the ratings of the scene seem to always sink. On this one the ratings now stand at 4.2*, although it is fair to say it is a bit early. Scene 1 with the 2 freshmen by themselves is packing 5*. It seems obvious lower ratings are caused by the visiting patricians. BA models seem to fare much better in the BA site. I say keep'em at BA.

s******* - 05/16/2017 2:36:57 PM

I'm one who doesn't care about dick's size (almost no one of the best performers in BA's story are king-sized!). So I agree with acquarello and I do prefer by far the twosome than this threesome. Three stunning guys tho! ;))

t****** - 05/16/2017 10:26:38 AM

My eyes were primarily on the superb Joel. I enjoy seeing Joel on freshmen a lot, but please pair Joel with better freshmen like Christian, Danny, Peter, Nino, Liam, Lars, etc.

a********* - 05/16/2017 10:17:04 AM

To avoid misunderstanding and regardless of stage measurements, I prefer the scene in two much more concrete than the elusory threesome.

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