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Joaquin Arrenas & Jerome Exupery

Inspector Clouseau is to Hercule Poirot as Jerome is to Cassanova. Jerome may bumble and stumble but he, like Clouseau, generally accomplishes his objective.

Today that objective is Joaquin. After neatly getting rid of Peter, he sneaks Joaquin off to his secret love nest to engage in a clandestine quickie. You will see at the end of the clip, Peter is not as easily fooled as Jerome thinks.

Jerome Exupery
Peter Annaud
Joaquin Arrenas
V************ - 02/09/2020 2:30:27 PM

I really like Juaquin and Peter but I thought this whole episode with Jerome was a bust. Not really good at all. 2 stars.

b********** - 08/25/2018 5:50:07 PM

MORE Joaquin ... LESS Jerome.

b****** - 08/05/2018 8:35:47 PM

Love Joaquin but even he could barely save a scene with Jerome.

k******* - 05/09/2018 3:39:48 AM

ugh more fem guys....i miss the old belami from years ago.

c************ - 05/08/2018 8:32:21 PM

i love joaquin, but is not a good scene

m******* - 05/08/2018 6:47:57 PM

this scene did not excite me in the least, it's because I'm not a huge fan of Jerome (definitely a bit inflated), I've definitely seen better

L*********** - 05/08/2018 3:38:44 PM

Even more I see Joaquin the more he comes upwards in my own hit list of KAFM guys - he´s so sexy and very creative in all the sex action and not at least he´s a wonderful bottom. Finally no question Joaquin is the star in these scene for me, a pity Peter can be seen only in a small sequence at the end.

b***** - 05/08/2018 3:15:19 PM

Not Joaquin’s best scene, not Jerome’s best scene, not Peter’s best scene, I barely managed to watch the entire episode without fast forwarding. Disappointing is the word here, Joaquin is very cute though with the cutest dick, so four stars for him.

o****** - 05/08/2018 10:29:31 AM

Joaquin is so sexy! Lucky Jérôme! Then Peter Lucky Joaquin and Jérôme! Fun, joy and liberty...

g********* - 05/08/2018 10:16:17 AM

This is a rare instance where plot seems to have relegated the sexual action to second place, which is a waste, given the three performers. The fucking in Jerome/Joaquin duo was short and rather perfunctory; the oral three way even more so. There was far too little time to relish what we were watching

a********* - 05/08/2018 9:20:01 AM

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