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Jimmie & Ayden part 1

Jimmie Ackerman is woken up in the nicest possible way. Ayden Mallory, his partner, decides to prepare breakfast before rejoining him in bed. Breakfast is followed by another lovely savoury treat. Ayden starts sucking Jimmie’s dick before stuffing his partner’s mouth with his. The intense foreplay continues as Ayden rims Jimmie’s hole which soon after is nicely fucked. The session ends in two messy cumshots.

Ayden Mallory
Jimmie Ackerman
g******* - 07/16/2024 3:59:59 AM

I subscribe to this site for 2 reasons - Ayden Mallory and Freddie McQueen. PLEASE put these 2 together (and add John Leto).

V************ - 07/15/2024 10:22:52 PM

Loved the full ass views from underneath of Ayden fucking Jimmie. Didn't miss the close ups at all. Overall a decent scene. Nice cum shots and decent loads, but no re-entry and no real oral shot. At least Ayden did take Jimmies wet cock in his mouth after he came.

g******* - 07/13/2024 8:05:40 AM

Jimmie is so cute and beautiful while Ayden very handsome. I like his chest hair and also the sight of his hot ass as he fucked Jimmie. Great orgasms with plenty of cum that should have been eaten to really complete the delight.

w****** - 07/12/2024 10:58:19 PM

What, no tomatoes? I hope the food didn't go to waste. Ayden has never looked better. Lots of love to both.

C***** - 07/10/2024 7:59:01 AM

Nice Guys 🌶️🌶️🌶️

b********* - 07/10/2024 5:03:35 AM

I concur that Ayden needs to keep his natural, beautiful body hair. As with Bart Cuban, the stubble is off-putting.

J****** - 07/10/2024 1:49:04 AM

Wonderful hot scene with two current favorites of mine !!! I really hope to see mutch more of them in future !!!

H***** - 07/09/2024 5:18:31 PM

A lovely scene with some hot parts. But my biggest complaint is the lack of butt shots. Just some with the rimming, that's it! Ba and Freshmen scene are most of the scenes strict to the rimming buttshots. The rest is butlles, that's ..........? Why do guys need to be sculptured, I like a normal physique, much more attractive to me!

p***** - 07/09/2024 1:28:31 PM

I'd also like to see Ayden with the hair he had in his scene with Kieran (while waiting for Kevin) . Meanwhile his body is wonderfully cut & attractive as hell

K***** - 07/09/2024 12:35:02 PM

Jimmie’s cum shot was great, but wasted as usual. Cum eating and Snowballing should be required & Ayden should let his hair grow out. He looked much better in his early scenes.

J******* - 07/09/2024 12:18:29 PM

Ayden need to wash the back of his neck.

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