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Jim with Viggo & Dylan part 2

Part two has our boys joined by another voracious fucker, Dylan Maguire. Viggo is an especially horny bottom today as he gets fucked by both guys in a wild session of fucking and fun. All the cum stays outside of Viggo in this session. In fact, to say he winds up completely covered in cum is an understatement.

Dylan Maguire
Jim Durden
Viggo Sorensen
d************ - 06/22/2022 10:23:45 PM

Very sexy, hot and playfull scene. I love Viggo and Jim. One of Dylans best scenes. I love the chemestry. HOT!

m****** - 04/12/2022 6:24:59 AM

Dylan. Always Dylan...

m******* - 03/31/2021 7:41:47 PM

No doubt as many have testified before, Jim Durden can rock any scene. He is just a magnificent porn performer and I love watching him do his magic. Not that Dylan is not a great porn performer. He is and carries dynamite around in his satchel and explodes it at just the right time in the right place. Viggo is marvelous and here he is a dynamo of sexual energy as he manages to take these two incredible men seemingly with ease. Lay down a 9 star rating for this.

c********* - 01/19/2021 3:52:29 PM

So hot and so full of amazing energy! All three guys are excellent, and all sexed up to the eyeballs. But for me Dylan stands out -- I've never seen him more excited nor more gorgeous. An outstanding scene thanks partly to the man behind the camera.

a***** - 01/18/2021 3:42:27 PM

I love submissive boys who love to get raw meat in him, also Viggo smiles a lot! I also like it a lot that Dylan does a great job dominating Viggo.

m********* - 01/14/2021 3:15:36 AM

Andre Jim and he and Dylan compliment each other so well. All so fucking sexy

R***** - 12/31/2020 4:38:48 PM

I love seeing a gorgeous, sexy, muscle hunk like Viggo being such a bottom slut boy; as he feasts on Jim's big thick cock & large low hanging balls; whilst getting his own cock sucked by Jim; before Jim & Dylan swap around. A great shot of Dylan sucking Viggo's cock; whilst Jim is easing his thick, stiff dick inside Viggo's hungry ass; then moving back to see Viggo greedily slurping Dylan's cock and a fantastic view of his large, low hanging balls. All 3 studs seem to be in cock heaven. Another highlight was seeing Viggo riding Dylan's cock whilst sucking Jim's dick; before swapping to ride Jim's cock and suck Dylan's tasty prick. Viggo sure is a cock hungry, muscle slut hunk. A fantastic threesome with all 3 sexy hunks getting hot & sweaty as they suck and fuck. Viggo looks so sexy wanking himself to orgasm whilst being fucked by Jim; then opening his mouth to taste Dylan's creamy cum load. Finally, Viggo gets his hungry hole splashed with spunk; to add to the cum on his chest and face. A great end to a great scene. I also love the final part with both Dylan & Jim cheekily slapping Viggo's buttocks; as they remind him who is in charge.

g******* - 12/29/2020 11:43:58 PM

Intensely satisfying. Dylan and Jim with their beautiful big cocks pummelled Viggo's sexy ass and he loved it! Dylan's orgasm straight into Viggo's mouth was a highlight.

g********** - 12/29/2020 1:02:00 AM

Viggo is totally gorgeous and Jim, though not a personal favourvite is great, but I just do not do not like Dylan!

s******* - 12/25/2020 3:16:11 AM

I think that Jim is just the hottest cum slut on your site, besides being well hung (but who isn't well hung here). What a beautiful trio

S****** - 12/25/2020 12:30:38 AM

Viggo is truly an amazing cock-crazed muscle slut bottom. He always steals the show, and taking that cumload on his open mouth is AMAZING. Excellent scene.

R************ - 12/24/2020 12:37:09 PM

Ragazzi perfetti nati per il sesso!!

d******* - 12/23/2020 11:44:52 PM

No need to say much as they all did an excellent job of fucking. Liked seeing the cum go IN Viggo's mouth.

t********* - 12/23/2020 12:09:48 PM

What a little slut Viggo is - first a true anal creampie in part one and then 2 dicks (including Dylan's thick one) in part two.

M****** - 12/22/2020 11:51:15 PM

This was an excellent tag-team and lucky Viggo took it like a champ. I enjoy a tag-team like this where the boy NOT fucking is supporting the action -- watching, kissing, coaching -- rather than trying to have every cock in an orifice at all times. That was handled well here. Many exciting moments of creativity in how the boys exprressed their desire and affection. My only wish: if I were Viggo, at a few points I would've enjoyed the chance to rim the boy who wasn't fucking me.

w****** - 12/22/2020 9:36:54 PM

It must have taken a week for Viggo's ass to recover from that hammering. He definitely does rival Ashton with the hot flushes. This must rank as threesome of the year. Lots of love and happy Christmas to all three.

6*********** - 12/22/2020 8:14:37 PM

Super wild sex!

x****** - 12/22/2020 5:11:54 PM

Viggo's beautiful ass gets the loving care it needs from Jim and the always sex-hungry Dylan! Ahhh, such delightful pleasure!

o****** - 12/22/2020 9:51:31 AM

Stunning trio of sex lovers! Happy Viggo!!! Excellent!

s******** - 12/22/2020 9:35:58 AM

so this is what PURE JOY looks like and sounds like and feels like...Viggo lives in Heaven plagued by two demon-fuckers who happily have made him their own private fuckhole...this lustful art deserves a rebel yell: "mo' mo' more!!!!

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