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Jim, Pip, Elio & Sven

Pip Caulfield, Sven Basquiat, Elio Chalamet, and Kirk Gauguin take a walk around the beautiful picturesque town of Mykonos. After Howard takes a bunch of stunning photos, they return to the villa where they meet an injured Jim Durden. Jim’s quadbike accident is already known to all of you, so we won’t repeat the story. Instead, we’ll focus on the boys' ideas to help him recover. Pip, Sven and Elio take Jim to their bedroom, grab their hard dicks and amaze Jim with their nice creamy loads. Unsurprisingly Jim's mood quickly improves and he's almost ready to forget about his scar.

Pip Caulfield
Sven Basquiat
Kirk Gauguin
Jim Durden
Elio Chalamet
a***** - 07/09/2024 1:53:16 PM

Jim's body is so sexy!!

w****** - 02/22/2024 8:47:28 PM

I wasn't able to find the Photos that came out of this session. Are they on the other site?

o******** - 08/24/2023 7:30:47 PM

I really liked the beauty of the models, the setting, and the action. To me the sexiest part was at the end when Pip and Jim were licking some of the cum that Elio had spurted on his body. More cum-eating, please! Some cum-kissing would make these videos spectacular.

F***** - 08/05/2023 6:06:38 AM

Four of the most beautiful models, against the scenic backdrop of one of the most beautiful islands, at the expert hand of Howard Roffman, it just had to be a great production.

R***** - 08/02/2023 3:54:55 PM

A great photosession video with 4 gorgeous Bel Ami Boys! I love the lingering views of their beautiful soft cocks and balls as they pose naked; before they later stroke their dicks until fully erect and shoot their creamy loads. So sensuous seeing Pip licking Elio's cum covered chest and Jim kissing Elio's cum smeared cock.

c******* - 07/31/2023 12:18:47 AM

This was one of the most fun photosessions you guys have published.

w****** - 07/25/2023 7:38:22 PM

Simply delightful. I hope we wont have to wait too long for the pictures.

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