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Jim Durden & Peter Annaud

Jim Durden meets Peter Annaud in the kitchen just a few days after having an accident on a quad bike which you'll soon see in our Back to Greece documentary. Peter is still worried about Jim’s condition but he finds out his problem is not the injury but his dilemma about what to do with the hard cock in his hand. Peter quickly offers a solution, sucking on Jim’s erect cock until his friend decides to take the lead, getting Peter ready for a deep anal fuck. Jim is a very generous lover and even when injured, does everything possible to please his partner and us…right up until the last drop!

Peter Annaud
Jim Durden
G********* - 06/05/2024 10:30:09 AM

Jim looks great as ever (even injured), and there's a nice view of Peter's orgasm. But not Jim's (AGAIN)! Earth to Bel Ami: Do you REALLY not grasp the idea that orgasm happens in the brain? Are you that STUPID? Cumshots are fun, it's fine to show them ALSO, but the orgasm doesn't happen in a generic disembodied cock that could belong to any of your well-hung models! Instead of zooming in ridiculously close to perform a dermatology exam on the model, how about just holding the damn camera steady at medium distance and let us watch the damn sex?!! The face is the window and if we can't see the face at climax we literally cannot SEE the orgasm! You used to know this! Many Bel Ami classics from decades ago show the ecstasy on the guys' faces throughout their orgasms! Somehow this seems to have been forgotten! WTF! I am baffled by this REPEATED failure that WASTES so MANY hot scenes and so MANY of your own hot and hardworking performers!

u***** - 05/02/2024 4:55:39 AM

Jim has such a voracious sexuality - a delight to watch! And Peter lapped it all up.

d******* - 06/18/2022 11:14:57 PM

Jim and Peter all nude with lovely bodies and nice cocks to entertain each other Jim did his job of fucking Peter.

m******* - 06/08/2022 2:23:43 PM

Love both of these boys but it did feel fairly robotic. I miss the more sensual filmmaking style from the Kinky Angel and earlier Freshmen days. Something tells me that those days are long gone and we now have to rely on inferior “directors” like Kevin or Jerome, who seem to be behind the camera more.

M****** - 06/08/2022 3:30:49 AM

The sex is routine and uninspired: a "can you help a buddy out?" scenario with little attraction or chemistry. It might have been interesting if Peter had become the hungry bottom, seducing Jim to fuck him when all Jim was looking for was a blowjob. Jim's wound was distracting (poor guy). While I liked the long, hand-held shots, there was considerable camera shakiness producing moments of seasickness. Lighting not quite right, either, largely due to the bright windows and white plaster. A better location would've helped, not only for the light but greater comfort for the models. It's puzzling when porn producers choose an awkward room with odd furniture when perfectly good bedrooms are nearby. Variety, I suppose.

l********** - 06/07/2022 8:53:57 PM

Very attractive pairing. they match and interact very nicely. I LOVE Peter Annaud on his back. Jim is a very attentive lover.

w****** - 06/07/2022 8:11:10 PM

This quad bike injury, a bad leg injury, and a badly cut finger. Jim has certainly been clocking up the misfortunes. I hope he is now in one piece and none the worse for all of this. Lots of love to both.

M****** - 06/07/2022 7:51:10 PM

Jim Durden is the best for me! I love his performance his body and especially his cock. I would like to spend a night with him. I love him ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

b******* - 06/07/2022 1:35:02 PM

Hard scene to enjoy due to Jim's "condition." This should not have been released!

a****** - 06/07/2022 10:11:13 AM

Always an enjoyable scene with hot boys having sex. I wonder how many takes it took to so naturally swat all of the cans off the table!

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