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Jim Durden & Niko Vangelis

There is a little theme to this weeks hard core scenes in that we get to see 2 of our guys with fantastic meaty asses bottoming for 2 very enthusiastic fuckers. First up is our very own Greek god, Niko Vangelis botytoming for Jim Durden. Jim is oneof the few guys that we have that is quite verbal in sex (he is actually quite verbal all the time, so this comes as no surprise). He is also our least inhibited model. There is never any need to direct Jim to be more adventurous in sex, but rather a need to restrain his sexual enthusiasm so that the cameramen can keep up with him. Niko obviously enjoys the energetic ppounding he gets from his buddy today, shooting a massive load while Jim hammers away at his prostate!.

Jim Durden
Niko Vangelis
G********* - 06/05/2024 6:30:19 AM

I agree with other comments that these are 2 incredibly hot guys and 2 EXPLOSIVELY HOT orgasms. But ... Earth to Bel Ami: Do you REALLY not grasp the idea that orgasm happens in the brain? Are you that STUPID? Cumshots are fun, it's fine to show them ALSO, but the orgasm doesn't happen in a generic disembodied cock that could belong to any of your well-hung models! Instead of zooming in ridiculously close to perform a dermatology exam on the model, how about just holding the damn camera steady at medium distance and let us watch the damn sex?!! The face is the window and if we can't see the face at climax we literally cannot SEE the orgasm! You used to know this! Many Bel Ami classics from decades ago show the ecstasy on the guys' faces throughout their orgasms! Somehow this seems to have been forgotten! WTF! I am baffled by this REPEATED failure that WASTES so MANY hot scenes and so MANY of your own hot and hardworking performers!

M*************** - 12/13/2023 9:19:45 PM

News Bulletin > This afternoon at approximately 16>27 a small earth quake registered at 5 on the Richter scale across most of central and Eastern European countries. Within less than a minute of the first shaker an aftershock of the same magnitude struck in the exact same locations. Emergency crews were quickly dispatched to all the major Urban Centers to see first hand the extent off the damage and possible casualties. However something very odd was found to be a common sight in areas you would expect to suffer some minor injuries. The majority of the male population between ages 10 and higher were found semi conscious with the pants and underwear all lowered to their ankles and smiles on their faces and often a white gooey substance would be found on their faces and r laptops computers and chests. Even some women were found in this condition and witnesses also report sudden yelps and screams were heard coming from the me during the earthquake event. One witness reported most victims were found near and with laptop computers. Other witnesses at first too timid to come forward with additional information reported many of the men were on their knees for landingmin huge pile of human flesh seemingly settling in of a long nap. Completely spend and drained reported another eyewitness. Damn right. I cant watch these extra hot scenes with anyone in the house and all doors and windows firmly closed As I approach my orgasim I begin screaming uncontrollably until my hot cum shoots up my cock hiding all my nerve ending and flys into the air plastering the ceiling. I haven't done that since my early twenties.

c********* - 08/08/2022 12:07:48 PM

Jim and Nico -Thank You I love it when 2 sex superstars get to fuck each other as if there is no tomorrow Jim thanks for the final re entry pushing that cum up Niko’s muscle arse Nico you are a hot muscle stud

m******* - 07/09/2022 1:47:06 AM

There are times that an enthusiastic star gets to be fucked by a god, which is definitely what Niko is and will always be. There can be art to the fuck and the fuck becomes erotic art and as happens here. He should have been Thor, the god of fuck. Niko has sent electricity up Jim's ass and I love it. If Jim loved it as much as I did he probably still has stars flashing around in his brain.

M****** - 05/28/2022 6:19:37 PM

I'm noticing an increase is scenes where the bottom takes charge, and I love it. Jim is so exciting with his confidence, his display of his asshole for Niko to lick, and then mounting and riding the much larger top. Adding the flip-flop element only makes the scene more enticing. Please continue to vary the dynamic of which is the more dominant partner, and allow that to go back and forth as we see here. There's nothing wrong with the classic formula of a dominant top controlling the flow of events, but it's also lovely to see variety in that regard.

S****** - 02/27/2022 1:27:04 AM

Very hot combination of studs. Jim is a sweaty sex machine. Niko is a dreamy muscle God.

M********* - 02/20/2022 5:24:44 PM

One of the best sexszenes ever! At first the intro on the beach make apetite for the following amazing hot moments for the 2 Guys with full-loaded balls. Then the foreplay when Niko takes Jims dick overheaded and then flip-flopsex wonderful cumshots too.

t*********** - 02/18/2022 2:36:41 PM

A really fun opening on the beach with those beautiful guys in the sun and water. And Niko & Jim were incredible together, especially Niko’s SPECTACULAR body covered in cum!!! Wow!!!

s******* - 02/16/2022 6:22:28 PM

First of all: YES TO FLIPPING. Hot beyond words. Second of all: I love it when skinny guys fuck big guys.

g******* - 02/16/2022 12:08:12 AM

Really hot sex. Loved the opening scene too with all those beautiful, uninhibited boys.

m***** - 02/15/2022 9:07:09 PM

I simply love flip-flops...

v******** - 02/15/2022 6:58:16 PM

difficult to believe the slim sexy cute JIM fucking super athletic NIKO VANGELIS super

B***** - 02/15/2022 4:31:19 PM

A beautiful scene. Fun on a gorgeous beach and then ...... a beautiful scene with tow gorgeous guys, one a hunk, who clearly like each other. Thank you for a great scene.

d******* - 02/15/2022 1:05:10 PM

Niko is very big for Jim but he fucks Niko in the ass. They make great lovers.

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