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Jim Durden & Justin Saradon part 2

Prague in winter is beautiful. You will see this in the opening to this special double scene with Jim and Justin. While the boys appreciate the scenic beauty, they don’t like the cold that comes with it. Fortunately, they find some “warm up” activities.

This was filmed one week before last year’s Christmas by Luke Hamill and we feel it is Jim’s best scene to date. In the spirit of the season the boys find joy in giving and receiving. Jim bottoms for part one and in part two, set later the same day, he tops.

Justin Saradon
Jim Durden
Josef0001 - 05/15/2018 5:34:49 PM

Picture 4, der pralle Sack, der steife Stengel, die toll geformte Eichel und der geile Mundfick ist einfach Superklasse.

takeshi - 04/25/2018 9:54:38 PM

Justin is a totally gorgeous babe and Jim is a sexy hottie too! An amazing second part to an already wonderful scene. ★★★★★

bwjant - 04/25/2018 11:05:13 AM

Same comment as for episode 1, with the addition that I thought the intro here was especially endearing, a little part of everyday life in Freshmen’s hectic sex heaven.

geoffrey27 - 04/24/2018 8:46:29 PM

All the praise heaped on this superb pairing is well deserved, and I can only endorse every one of the comments below.

anakngpating - 04/24/2018 5:26:10 PM

wow wow wow... i need to see more of this kind of action in belami. intense, realistic, great chemistry, great angles and camera movements. this is amazing!

mauric53 - 04/24/2018 4:22:13 PM

J. and J. two great stars, sexy, hot, wonderfull, great sex great passion

Lutz8neumann - 04/24/2018 3:19:05 PM

This is an absolutely first-class supplement to part one with the same level of harmony, intensity and passion. Meanwhile Justin has developed very professionally and it´s a great pleasure to see him in action, no matter what role. Congratulation, Jim and Justin, this flip-flop is one of the best ever, I´ve enjoyed every second.

sinjin123 - 04/24/2018 1:09:46 PM

pure mutual joy taken and proven..tis that heady frothy cocktail of love and lust and respect always served through a penis au derriere...

ragazzofiore - 04/24/2018 1:02:28 PM

This Jim Durden!!! He SO knows what he's doing! That last-second pull out, shoot all over the room, and then shove it back in. Umagawd!! A worthy successor, in many respects, to the great Jim Kerouac - who, as far as I can tell, managed to fuck EVERYthing at BA - probably even the cleaning lady.

otrebor - 04/24/2018 10:37:29 AM

2nd delight! The wonder is that pair is perfectly versatile but horny Jim is perhaps better topping than bottoming! Hot enjoyment for each one, justin and Jim and for us!

acquarello - 04/24/2018 9:29:20 AM

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