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Jim Durden & Justin Saradon part 1

Prague in winter is beautiful. You will see this in the opening to this special double scene with Jim and Justin. While the boys appreciate the scenic beauty, they don’t like the cold that comes with it. Fortunately, they find some “warm up” activities.

This was filmed one week before last year’s Christmas by Luke Hamill and we feel it is Jim’s best scene to date. In the spirit of the season the boys find joy in giving and receiving. Jim bottoms for part one and in part two, set later the same day, he tops.

Justin Saradon
Jim Durden
d******* - 05/10/2020 12:55:12 AM

They both came at the same time!! so sweet.

V************ - 01/22/2020 3:35:22 PM

A really good scene! Loved the full ass view of Jim as he fucks Justin's mouth. Very hot! Now if you could also give us full as views of tops like that as they fuck their bottoms! The simultaneous cum shots at the end were very hot! So rare!

b****** - 12/17/2019 6:27:00 PM

Hot scene both suck well> Both parts 5-star!

D************* - 10/27/2019 10:09:23 PM

Yet another enthusiastic performance by Jim Durden. The expressions on Jim's face are of excitement and love for his work. I was so glued to watching Jim that I didn't even notice who his partner was. I am Jim Durden's biggest fan and can't take my eyes off of him. I especially liked that tongue kissing toward the end of the film. Jim Durden stuck his tongue all the way out and I almost came when I saw it. What would make my life complete would be another downloadable high resolution photo shoot. Please!

g******* - 05/02/2018 12:32:01 AM

Justin is a very sexy young man who craves cock. Jim is a great find and I hope we see much more of him. Loved the snowy opening and the outdoor kissing.

R********* - 04/26/2018 7:05:03 PM

Justin is and stay a super lover.Jim is a agreeable surprise, a little hot devil.A very good acquisition for F.M.

i******* - 04/26/2018 6:47:13 AM

I've never really been turned on by top Justin, but he was excellent in this pairing! Great job. Jim held his own also, really good performer! Great chemistry between the two. Good camera work. Thanks BA!

t****** - 04/25/2018 9:23:20 PM

I liked seeing the boys in the Slavic snow, at the beginning, tender imagery. The exceedingly handsome and cute Justin, with the very sexy and likeable Jim is an enjoyable sight to see.

b***** - 04/25/2018 11:04:45 AM

Excellent scene! Justin with his sexy and sultry body and his handsome face is always a delight to watch and this scene makes no exception. He always delivers, whether as a top or as a bottom. Jim is an eager and willing performer I have to admit I have not been able to fully warm to, but in this pairing he is excellent, Justin seems to bring Jim’s best qualities forward. And who wouldn’t give his best performance when the adorable Justin is the one you can have sex with. The near simultaneous cumming is a special treat and a feature showing these guys were really excited by each other.

b******* - 04/25/2018 7:58:00 AM

Stunning. Jim is incredibly sexy, and he and Justin really seem excited by each other. The simultaneous orgasms are unusual these days and a delight.

D***** - 04/25/2018 12:24:09 AM

Great scene 5* but need to have more c-eating BA seems to be drifting away from.

g********* - 04/24/2018 8:08:58 PM

The still images surely belong to scene 2, in which Jim fucks Justin. Part 1 is superb and sets the bar for scene 2 very high indeed.

L*********** - 04/24/2018 2:44:34 PM

That´s true, this is Jim´s BEST ever seen up to now, he´s a beautiful and very sexy surprise, I love this guy. And there is no question, the highlight in this scene is the cum shot of both guys at the same moment, very rare to see and another amazing surprise. On top of that in this scene there are very fine close-ups again, perfect!

p***** - 04/24/2018 1:11:04 PM

Whoa. Justin & Jim are a match made in porn heaven. Both scenes are so hot it's hard to chose between them. Scene 1 with the extended blow jobs and simultaneous cum shots might have a very slight edge.

o****** - 04/24/2018 10:13:44 AM

A delight! The opening under the snow is beautiful... Then great sex and love, each one is absolutely into the other. Hot sucking, rimming and fucking but the most scorching is they come nearly at the same time together. A rarety! Justin's hairy armpits are so exciting!

J******** - 04/24/2018 9:32:27 AM

Whose sperm is whos? How very horny that scene!

a********* - 04/24/2018 9:28:57 AM

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