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Jim Durden & Elio Chalamet

Without a doubt, Elio Chalamet possesses one of the cutest butts in our company. Jim Durden is pretty clear from the outset that Elio’s ass will be his „trophy“ today. After a quick dive into the pool, a warm shower soon heats things up. Jim receives a nice deep blowjob and later returns the favour, including an intense rimjob on the bed. Once Elio feels Jim’s massive manhood inside, he is happy simply to enjoy some deep penetration from one of the best lovers around. After Jim cums on Elio’s well-fucked ass, he grabs his partner’s cock and finishes the session by sucking him off and swallowing Elio‘s load.

Jim Durden
Elio Chalamet
G********* - 06/05/2024 6:07:03 AM

I agree with Robbie (8/5/2022) that "Elio & Jim are gorgeous & sexy in this hot scene." The skinny-dipping in the pool and the shower were great. Jim's out-of-breath gasping during his orgasm is sensational. It sounds like one of his most intense ever, which is saying a LOT for him! Why can't we have more skinny-dipping and even full-on sex all the way through to orgasm in the pool? BUT ... too bad Bel Ami's incompetent videographers chose to WASTE both models' great performances by NOT GETTING THEM FULLY ON FILM! Earth to Bel Ami: Do you REALLY not grasp the idea that orgasm happens in the brain? Are you that STUPID? Cumshots are fun, it's fine to show them ALSO, but the orgasm doesn't happen in a generic disembodied cock that could belong to any of your well-hung models! The face is the window and if we can't see the face at climax we literally cannot SEE the orgasm! You used to know this! Many Bel Ami classics from decades ago show the ecstasy on the guys' faces throughout their orgasms. Somehow this seems to have been forgotten.

R***** - 08/05/2022 11:06:26 AM

Elio & Jim are gorgeous & sexy in this hot scene.

M****** - 05/30/2022 8:12:53 PM

What a location! It really heightens the erotic fantasy. Jim and Elio are both wonderful. Jim has never looked more handsome, nor has he topped with such finesse and variety. Thrilling to watch and imagine how it felt for lovely Elio. The mirror was a nice touch, used effectively and judiciously. Camera work, especially "imaginative" framing through scenic elements, called attention to itself and was a little artsy-fartsy at times. Lighting and art design superb.

c********* - 05/30/2022 9:54:47 AM

I second everything Saurian has said previously­čĹŹ­čĹĆ Jim and Elio you are two young Super Sex Stars

H*********** - 05/26/2022 10:25:54 PM

Are you not able to save to your favorites on here

M****** - 05/24/2022 2:22:35 PM

Jim and Elio are a dream team. more of these two please

S****** - 04/30/2022 6:25:15 PM

Hot and sexy coupling. Jim is a wild, sex-crazed powerhouse who is always super entertaining in his gymnastic fucking. And he is also a spectacular cocksucker. The blowjob he gives Elio is HOT, passionate, cum-hungry, and cum-crazed. Perfect, even better than some of Kevin Warhol's legendary blowjobs. And Elio is a beautiful, luscious, scrumptious, delicious babe.

P****** - 04/30/2022 12:15:47 PM

Two beautiful perfectly matched guys. I would love to see a rematch. Wonderful performances from both!

M******* - 04/30/2022 12:08:51 PM

How beautiful, cute and hot boys are Elio and Jim, and how they are lovely and both naughty and innocent lovers, sinners and fuckers !!!

m****** - 04/28/2022 1:48:10 PM

Jim Durden does nothing for me.

J****** - 04/28/2022 1:31:06 AM

Absolutely hot scene with two of my all-time-favorites.

g******* - 04/27/2022 12:09:56 AM

Beautiful sex. Jim looks after his partners so well and fucks them with such enthusiasm.

w****** - 04/26/2022 10:24:51 PM

A lovely pair and a great scene. Jim's bits certainly testified to the temperature of the pool. Many thanks and lots of love to both.

B***** - 04/26/2022 2:52:31 PM

An excellent scene. I think that the ending would have been better and more real if they had stayed on the bed.

d******* - 04/26/2022 10:59:17 AM

Elio, my love, you were wonderful you still have that gorgeous body, nice lips to kiss, balls so nice and cock so sweet.. Elio I love you. Jim, I will say you did slow down and I did not have to call sex11, you can tell I cannot stand sex like you are going to a fire!!

t********* - 04/26/2022 9:58:48 AM

HOW BEAUTIFUL ELIO IS HERE!!! He is very tan and ripped and his hair looks great (not that horrible side-shaved military look)! Good cumshot finish too! Very hot!

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