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Jim Durden & Dan Hilfiger part 1

When Jim Durden meets Dan Hilfiger for the first time, all he can think about is how to get into his pants. Dan might look a little shy as this is his very first scene filmed for us. As we all know, Jim can be very persuasive when it comes to sex and uses every one of his assets to seduce his dream boy. Dan quickly loses his shyness and follows Jim’s lead. In this very first encounter, Dan penetrates Jim’s ass and together they slowly work their way towards a thrilling climax.

Jim Durden
Dan Hilfiger
t******** - 01/25/2023 3:29:49 PM

Great scene - Jim never disappoints. I do agree with fabioluis, though, that there could be more use of full body shots in these scenes. For me there is nothing hotter that guys walking around naked with stonking erections. Not suggesting you reduce the other shots but maybe add a few more full length ones.

g******* - 01/25/2023 4:32:19 AM

That ticked every box. Dan is amazing - what a beautiful boy and clearly he knows how to please boys - and Jim, wow! The cumshots were amazing and I just wish they lingered together longer rather than rushing to the shower.

f******** - 01/24/2023 7:15:34 PM

Cute boys, good sex. Too much reliance on close-up shots and tight medium shots. Video needs many more full shots. When Dan walks down the hall, it is obvious he has beautiful legs. When they both take their clothes off then, at the beginning, there should be a full length shot, head to toe, of both of them as they begin to kiss and feel each other, showing Dan's beautiful ass and thighs and legs. Later, when Dan puts Jim against the column, there needs to be a full shot, head and including feet, of the two of them and showing both rounded asses. This does not occur until 10:19. This could be repeated a couple of times. When they move across the floor and Jim rides Dan, there are good full shots of their two complete bodies. But there is no transition to the next position. One second, Jim is riding Dan, and the next second, Jim is on his back on the bed in mid-fuck. Let us see them move; let us see Dan raise Jim's legs and slowly slide his cock in. Great opportunities lost. Several times on the bed there needs to be full shots showing complete bodies of both Jim and Dan, and not cutting them off at knee or ankle. Make more use of full shots; it will enrich the video and give pleasure to the viewers. Both guys have very nice bodies.

d******* - 01/24/2023 5:07:25 PM

Dan you are so very handsome with nice lips to kiss and cock to suck, so very trim and lovely. 😎😎😎😎

B********* - 01/24/2023 2:48:49 PM

Superb! Two gorgeous young guys really getting into it big time! I don't think anyone, in the whole history of Bel Ami, so obviously enjoys his sex more than Jim Durden. This was a genius pairing!

J******** - 01/24/2023 1:32:36 PM

Tim's Lustschreie beim Abspritzen sind hörenswert, OMG das macht an!

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