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Jerry Hannan & Bastian Dufy

When shooting in South Africa, we ask the boys to get a climate-matching tan when they arrive. Most of the times, this strategy is successful but there are some failures. One was Bastian who, on his first day, acquired a scorching singlet sunburn that nearly gave George a heart attack. Fortunately for Bastian, George’s blood pressure, and his fans, he is still cute- even sunburned. We’re also fortunate that sunburn won’t slow him down when paired with a round-assed, tight-bodied, cutie like Jerry Hannan. “Scorching” describes more than Bastian’s skin in this home video special.

Bastian Dufy
Jerry Hannan
d******* - 05/27/2020 6:12:30 PM

Jerry those your bodty is so some sometimes all mines .

p******* - 07/08/2019 10:48:58 AM

Shy Jerry Hannan is an absolut darling

V************ - 04/11/2019 5:31:17 AM

Bastian's sunburn really was terrible. For me it was not a great scene. 3 Stars maybe. I did enjoy the full rear views though of Bastian fucking Jerry.

t****** - 04/05/2019 6:05:28 PM

what a lovely 69 in this scene which i enjoyed so much.

w****** - 04/04/2019 9:14:45 PM

For an impromptu home video the camera work is outstanding. Another star performance from maestro Bastian. I enjoyed the pop as he first penetrated Jerry and then the sight of Jerry's gaping hole. Whoever provided your accommodation deserves to be complimented on the pristine white bed linen. they must have had to work hard to keep it like that.

a***** - 04/04/2019 1:36:57 PM

Always love Bastian and it was a good scene, but it's always disappointing when guys can't cum from fucking and have to JO a lot to cum.

m******* - 04/03/2019 7:20:25 PM

Just awesome. Bastian is such a treat and for Jerry (who has some great blue eyes) Bastian treats him just like Jerry asks. "Be nice to me," he says and Bastian fills him all the way up. Love the tenderness, the deep driving , the kisses. Bastian will always be a favorite of mine and Jerry? Well Jerry is a tender delight that I hope to see again and again. Bravo to the cameraman who certainly knows exactly how a scene like this should be captured and it sizzles.

b***** - 04/03/2019 9:17:19 AM

Excellent scene! Bastian and Jerry are very passionate together, Bastian certainly knows how to combine a vigorous fuck with being caring and sweet with his partner. Jeremy is cute and in this episode a little less shy and reserved. I loved how he treated Bastian’s cock in his final jerk-off nicely working the head with his tongue. Wouldn’t mind seeing more of that.

A********** - 04/03/2019 2:38:38 AM

Uahuuu ! Bastian is fantastic again, very sexy, hot, with huge wonderful cock. Jerry is a perfect partner for him : he seems to love Bastian inside his very nice ass.

g******* - 04/03/2019 1:37:51 AM

Jerry is so handsome but he flies under the radar. Bastian's powerful fucking was a delight to see with his big balls whacking against Jerry's bum. Loved seeing Bastian's powerful ass as he fucked as well. Cumshots disappointing but you never can tell.

M****** - 04/02/2019 1:57:17 PM

I liked the sweet, playful tone as these two rascals decide to play. Loved the glimpses of naked models in the background: more of that, please. Jerry's hole was just right for rimming -- some of his natural hair but not a forest (and thanks for giving us rimming in two positions with good lighting). I liked the way the fucking started out rather slow and romantic. Lovely hole display at 13:40. I would've preferred an anal finale -- perhaps aggressive doggy style -- but Jerry's quick blowjob and cum eating were nice. Solid camera work and lighting, and the boys were into each other. Well done, everyone.

p***** - 04/02/2019 1:25:48 PM

Well, this was a nice surprise. There must be something in the South African water as Jerry showed us more of his personality in this scene than in all of his others combined. Perhaps it's easier to feel inspired when Bastian is your partner. I loved all of the kissing & I thought Jerry looked sexy as hell.

l********* - 04/02/2019 1:02:59 PM

So this must have been filmed 2+ years ago as "Jerry" is full of tattoos these days based on his Instagram. Makes me wonder about all the "Tell us if you like this model" posts are fake marketing because all the films are long in the can, as it were. I am glad you did take videos of Jerry before he ruined his look. He was sexy.

N******** - 04/02/2019 10:44:25 AM

Jerry is a wonderful bottom.

o****** - 04/02/2019 9:34:02 AM

Delicious scene as Jerry's delightful pink rosebud widely open Bastian enjoys so much honoring it with a great rimming and fucking! Bastian gorgeous and sexy as ever in spite of his sunburn! Jerry gets improved showing more his feelings and sensations! Nice to hear theit conversation while fucking! Great camer work!

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