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Jerome Exupery & Jerry Hannan

This week’s Freshmen update comes entirely from South Africa, and our first scene features Jerome Exupery together with Jerry Hannan. Jerome’s seduction technique in today’s scene is to offer Jerry ‘The best massage’ of his life. We’re not exactly sure that it really qualified as a massage, but nonetheless, Jerry certainly seems to enjoy it, from the rubbing, rimming, all the way through the fucking. This is also what we could describe as an ‘all over the house fuck’ as the boys make their way from the pool, though the kitchen and eventually ending up in the bedroom.

Jerome Exupery
Jerry Hannan
V******** - 01/31/2023 5:21:45 PM

Jerome never disappoints. He was tender and a bit impish with Jerry (who is quite adorable). I loved their interaction and how comfortable they seemed together. There were two long shots done from outside the action I thought were quite beautiful. One in the kitchen and the other in the bedroom. The bedroom shot was one of the best I've ever seen showing the top from behind. That shot could have lasted a bit longer, but it was excellent. Overall, one of my favorite scenes ever.

d******* - 05/27/2020 5:48:04 PM

Jerome fucks Jerry in the ass while Jerry sucks Jeromes cock. Lots of kissing too.

b****** - 04/29/2019 8:55:52 AM

Loved the scene and both participants.

M****** - 03/20/2019 2:19:33 AM

I especially liked the butt massaging near the beginning. Seeing Jerome stretch his long frame across that beautiful boy, then grind his pelvis up and down, then thoroughly massage the cheeks. Jerry's adorable -- just needs lots more practice.

C************** - 02/10/2019 9:28:32 AM

Jerry's a real cutie. Jerome can be silly at times but there is no doubting his nice body and insatiable appetite. Nice facial at the end.

g******* - 02/10/2019 2:36:16 AM

Jerome did well and the ass shots were fabulous. Two great cumshots and Jerry didn't flinch when Jerome sprayed all over his handsome face. What beautiful eyebrows he has.

V************ - 02/09/2019 5:07:41 AM

Not a great fan of Jerome and his silliness, or the way he puckers his lips and face. But overall it was still an ok scene. Loved the full view of Jerome from the backside looking in threw the door and then drawing closer as Jerome fucked Jerry. I have been asking for a long time for more shots from the back side with a full view of the tops ass and body, Nice job.! Jerry is really cute though pretty passive here. Loved that he kept coming while he was being fucked, not once but several times.

i***** - 02/08/2019 7:54:56 PM

jerry bought the best out of jerome best video he ever did, seemed genuine, good job to both models

m******* - 02/07/2019 1:49:39 AM

I really like Jerome especially his fun approach to everything. He really enjoys life and Jerry has a good role model.

s************* - 02/06/2019 8:45:25 AM

Very good scene & Jerome has been on fire, lately! Seems his sexual appetite can not be satisfied, and that's fine by me! : )

l******* - 02/06/2019 12:22:22 AM

Jerry is just presciouse. He is such a very pretty boy & this seems to be the consensus. He reminds me of some of the young guys way back in BelAmis' early porn days.

b***** - 02/05/2019 6:57:31 PM

I find Jerry very sexual and attractive as a lover and apparantly he is capable to exite Jerome more than usual. Great job by both models!

C******* - 02/05/2019 4:49:56 PM

Jerome is awesome, the position at 16:32 is incredible and should have been shot much longer (the view from behind). That's what a lot of people want to see.

L*********** - 02/05/2019 2:08:30 PM

Jerome o.k. - but for me Jerry is the hit in this cene. It makes him extra interesting for me that he almost is reserved and a little bit shy, his cute hairy butt is a great top and hit to watch! The best of this video I like the arrangement as an "all-over-the-house-fuck" - a very welcome change!!

H************** - 02/05/2019 2:05:17 PM

Love anything with Jerome!! Jerry is very hot too.

N******** - 02/05/2019 1:03:02 PM

There's no point in complaining about Jerome's overexposure as we're obviously stuck with him. Jerry however is a welcome breath of fresh air, if a little too hairy in the wrong places for me.

r*********** - 02/05/2019 10:14:39 AM

Don't I just love this boy's eyelashes and eyebrows. Such gorgeous eyes.

o****** - 02/05/2019 9:56:08 AM

Bravo! Playful, tender, passionate and very hot! Perfect Jérôme here love Jerry's ass and hole! So do I... This hairy crack is absolutely delicious! But cute dick and balls too! Jerry's cumshot while fucked is scorching! But Jerome's ones on Jerry face and tongue is stunning! A lot of kissing but the last, cum kiss, is terrible! WOW!

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