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Jens Christensen & Robin Rief

The gloves and condom come off in this “battle” of the blonds at Balaton! Here, going below the belt is encouraged. Our Czech Champion Jens Christiansen faces of against our HUNGarian hero, Robin Reif. The blow by blows shared here are far more pleasurable than punches as each boy tries to out deepthroat the other. It’s hard to judge who won this round. Is it Jens who manages to take all of Robin’s thick cock down his throat or Robin who has the pleasure of Jen’s mouth and throat? Robin is a pugilist with heart, only too happy to bear the ass assault Jens provides. Jens shows enormous stamina giving all that Robin can take. The conflict cums to a draw as both boys wind up down for the count, sexually exhausted but still ready for round two!

Jens Christensen
Robin Rief
c********* - 03/06/2022 8:36:07 AM

Wow Where do I begin Two super handsome blond hunks Two great cocks Two wonderful bodies built for sex Two huge cum shots from the beautiful Robin and a gusher from Stud Jens All adds up to one HOT performance

h********* - 08/14/2020 11:55:55 PM

Nice cum eating. But overall not great. I had hoped for better with Robin.

a******* - 02/15/2020 8:36:09 PM

shaved butt again - boring

d******* - 10/16/2019 7:54:18 AM

Very handsome.

g******* - 10/13/2019 1:26:23 AM

Sensational! Robin coming twice was a treat and Jens is so handsome.

l******* - 10/05/2019 6:33:44 AM

Great pairing! Robin's so fuckin hot in this scene, & what a trooper - cummin again is so rising to the occasion. Good job guys!

C******** - 09/29/2019 2:06:34 PM

I am a Jens fan, and happy that his ample kissing gets answered by Robin. And two orgasms by Robin shows us that this was good stuff. I believe Jens’ fucking was forceful and delicious. And a big shout out for both his excellent rimming and the high-quality filming of it. Both easily the best of the year (and likely more).

R************ - 09/26/2019 4:36:19 PM

Anch'io vorrei essere inculato da Jens.

w****** - 09/25/2019 10:31:11 PM

That's one in the eye for Robin! Robin and Eluan or Robin and Jens? No disrespect to Eluan but it is Robin and Jens for me. I am in awe of his deep throating ability. Small wonder that Eluan was asking him for advice on the matter. Robin's second orgasm probably confirmed for him that he had the right partner.

V************ - 09/25/2019 2:29:51 PM

Very nice scene. I really like Robin and I actually thought that for the most part their kissing was very good, although not deep, at least it was full mouth on mouth. Loved how aggressively Jens attacked Robin's hole with his tongue. Wonderful fucking in the sitting position, not normally my favorite, but well filmed. Loved that Jens came in Robin's mouth, though the shot in the eye was a bit unfortunate, and then that Robin sucked Jen's wet cock. Nice job all around by both models. 4 Stars.

b***** - 09/25/2019 11:44:33 AM

Maybe not a bad scene but Jens' gaping-fish kissing technique is a real turn off. Robin, however cute, doesn’t counterweight that.

a********* - 09/24/2019 2:55:03 PM

💙 💚 💛 ❤️ 💜 Welcome back to Freshmen, acquarello!

P****** - 09/24/2019 1:52:56 PM

I like blonds.

l******* - 09/24/2019 12:17:02 PM

Jens and Robin are the perfect pairing! Two blond Adonises having superb sex! The doggy style is very hot, and so it the cum shot into Robin's face with the passionate kissing at the end!! Next time--threesome with Robin, Jens, and Eluan!!!

o****** - 09/24/2019 10:07:47 AM

Nice sex scene with two blond sexy guys, very different, but both sex eager! Powerful Jens makes Robin come twice while fucked! Hot wet final kissing!

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