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Jens Christensen & Matthieu Pique

Handsome Matthieu Pique and Jens Christensen meet up under the blue Greek sky to have some amazing photographs taken for you to enjoy. Their bodies are divine and together they make a perfect couple. Once the photo session is over, they continue teasing and playing with each other as the cameraman follows them all the way to orgasm.

Jens Christensen
Matthieu Pique
f******** - 02/08/2023 2:21:12 AM

Not sure what the purpose of this was. Howard, professional photographer, seemed to be taking superb still pictures of the models, including mostly full shots including their legs and feet. We saw them in his viewfinder. Well planned and well done. The person doing video didn't know what he was doing. All the whining about being tired and partying last night was tiresome; they seem to do it in every video. Mostly close-ups and chopped up portions of bodies. Out of focus images, strange angles to images, purposeless images. Why didn't he ask for advice from the professional or watch what the professional was doing? Professionals know what they are doing, whereas the untrained amateurs keep making the same mistakes over and over. The amateurs at BA COULD learn to be good photographers, but they have to want to and study and practice, and not keep doing the same bad stuff repeatedly. Beautiful models wasted.

w****** - 02/07/2023 9:38:45 PM

I enjoyed the banter with Jens. Poor Mathieu definitely looked the worse for wear. Lots of love to both.

d*** - 02/07/2023 3:57:53 PM

Awesome guys and great cum shot photos...dr

d******* - 02/07/2023 2:38:37 PM

Session was good and they both have nice slim bodies with lovely cock to suck.

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