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Jean-Luc Bisset & Nino Valens

This is the second time Jean-Luc and Nino have been paired. Their first was in last year’s summer break series. They’re together again on location in Budapest. This was originally intended as a flip of the previous scene- this time with Jean-Luc as the bottom However, the two boys have serious crushes on each other and Nino was insistent on getting fucked by Jean-Luc again. So, this scene ended up as a flip flop. Nino’s infatuation with Jean-Luc is demonstrated by his coming twice as Jean Luc fucks him!

Jean-Luc Bisset
Nino Valens
G********* - 02/23/2024 8:28:06 PM

Ok, what a MESS of a scene! I agree with all the commenters that it's VERY hot. Also that the editing is terrible, jerky, and abrupt. At minute 14, Nino is fucking Jean-Luc ... and then suddenly it's Nino getting fucked??? Of the 3 orgasms, only Jean-Luc's is shown in full natural glory. We're denied ANY view of Nino's face during his first orgasm near the end, and on his impressive 2nd orgasm getting fucked by Jean-Luc we only get a brief and partial view. What a CHEAT! Finally, where is the earlier scene mentioned in the description when Nino supposedly got fucked by Jean-Luc? This is labeled "Sex Scene 1" but then the description says it's their "second time" (??). They don't have any scenes together on the main Bel Ami site and the only other scene here is their suck-and-jack scene (hot but again bungled by poor videography). This is exhausting!!!

m******* - 12/09/2023 9:20:45 PM

These two have fantastic chemistry! Wish we got to see more of them

D************* - 01/01/2022 10:48:07 PM

Nino Valens & Jean-Luc Bisset make a great couple. You could tell they really love each other--the way they smiled at each other. Possibly the most convincing love scene I have ever seen.

w****** - 12/15/2018 11:05:55 PM

I love Nino but I imagine that jealousy is one of the biggest problems in this line of work. How did you cure him? Did you get Joel to pound him into submission?

D******* - 09/02/2018 5:46:04 AM

L'amour toujours!!!!! C'est magnifique!!!!!

R********* - 03/27/2018 11:39:04 PM

Absoloutely fantastic love couple.

J****** - 03/26/2018 3:38:01 PM

Un des plus beaux couples de toute l'histoire BelAmi Freshmen chaud et passionné.

K********* - 03/22/2018 12:54:19 AM

Great scene, but would agree the editing was pretty choppy. Would have love to see a strip the clothes off passion, which would have made this scene perfect. I love that kind of foreplay, but oh well, to hot , hard young guys that really seemed to be into the sex. 4 stars!

J****** - 03/21/2018 7:57:13 PM

Nice passion between the boys. Why must the water at this location always be the color of antifreeze?

b***** - 03/21/2018 12:06:10 PM

Nino and Jean-Luc make such a wonderful couple!

p****** - 03/21/2018 11:42:49 AM

I like NINO lots, but this scene is not perfect ! Abrupt Changes: a) Last Words of Nino and immediately naked , plus ! , hot horny b) The Flip-Flop: The Dick of Nino is suddenly the Dick of Jean-Luc c) Second Shot of Nino - after 1 minute + 37 seconds ..... "Infatuation" ?? Non , bad Direction !!

2***** - 03/21/2018 5:43:39 AM

So sexy, if these guys are just pretending to be into each other they are the best actors ever. I really enjoy seeing guys who love what they do.

A********** - 03/21/2018 1:42:55 AM

Awesome : 2 wonderful guys in love. JUST PERFECT !! And it was really very special to see Nino coming twice with Jean inside him .... it seems he wants Jean-Luc forever.... Really extremely NICE sex scenes..... 1 million stars job.

c******** - 03/20/2018 9:56:38 PM

...heavenly ;) where is this beautiful location in hungary?!

g******* - 03/20/2018 9:22:31 PM

Sooooo beautiful. Real lovers in earthly paradise.

m******* - 03/20/2018 7:13:38 PM

Jean-luc and Nino to be enough the word, wow two hungarian wonderful boys

g****** - 03/20/2018 3:46:22 PM

WOW! More fucking by these two. I could watch this pair every day.

L*********** - 03/20/2018 12:59:25 PM

The pairing of these both wonderful guys, their professional performance and the flip flop action are making these scene matchless hot and perfect. An extra highlight is the camera work with great close ups. Thank you Jean-Luc and Nino for this amazing job which is a first class one.

a********* - 03/20/2018 11:45:16 AM

💜 ❤️ 💛 💚 💙

s******** - 03/20/2018 11:25:09 AM


t****** - 03/20/2018 11:21:36 AM

JL and Nino are always a delightful coupling, both are exquisite.

g********* - 03/20/2018 10:50:24 AM

The beautiful outdoor setting added to my enjoyment. Flip flops are my favourite format; so many thanks to Nino for wanting one so much. He and Jean-Luc perform superbly with other partners, but are near perfect together. I love them both.

T***** - 03/20/2018 9:57:06 AM

Lovely scene. Nice to read of a "Call Me By Your Name" infatuation!😊

o****** - 03/20/2018 9:55:04 AM

Hungarian Paradise! A jewel with two gems! Jean-Luc is so pretty! Nino magnificent! Youthfful...Youthful!

a***** - 03/20/2018 9:50:01 AM

These two need to fuck some more!

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