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Jean-Luc Bisset & Mario Texeira

Both Jean-Luc and Mario have a lot in common. They’re of similar height and build, they’re both sensual, erotic lovers that value taking care of their partner’s needs. No effort is spared as they both work towards that end: sensuous blow jobs, intense rimming and deep fucking are all displayed. Typically, we see Jean-Luc as an impassioned sexy bottom. Today that role is given to Mario. That his time bottoming has given Jean-Luc greater insight as a top is evidenced by the sensual moans he induces from Mario. Fully satisfying his lover, Jean Luc celebrates by shooting his load all over Mario’s eagerly waiting hole.

Jean-Luc Bisset
Mario Texeira
T*********** - 07/01/2020 6:29:44 AM

Jean Luc is the best. Loved the sweat, shot and the taste treat! 5 stars!

V************ - 12/07/2018 8:54:51 PM

Very nice. Nice kissing. Both are very attractive models. Would have like to have seen more of Mario's cum in Jean-Luc's mouth but at least he did get some.

L******** - 09/20/2018 10:25:59 PM

Jean Luc is one of the best cum swallowers on Belami. Look how he eats Mario's cum. Cheers.

m********* - 09/18/2018 3:18:27 AM

Simply stunning Two exceptional models with eyes and bodies to die for......more

j******* - 08/26/2018 5:12:01 PM

Mario cock is beautiful. In the scene where Jean is rimming Mario,Mario is on the edge of cumming.Did Mario cum?

u******** - 08/26/2018 5:02:46 PM

First off must comment on JEAN-LUC'S gorgeous eyes! Great pairing of two beautiful young guys fucking! Awesome shot when JEAN-LUC cums in MARIO'S ass crack----nice ropes of jizz! Then he continued to breed MARIO with his own cum. Also outstanding was when JEAN-LUC cleaned off the head of MARIO'S cock with his mouth after he shot & ate it! A great scene when one or both partners eat cum! It shows they are really into each other!

C********* - 08/25/2018 1:00:17 PM

Delicious....Deletable…..Delightful......two absolute gorgeous boys in all their sexual and sensual best....bravo....more please...

g******* - 08/24/2018 2:32:36 AM

A million stars for both. JL fucks with such intensity. He has fabulous eyes and a beautiful smile, gorgeous cock and I love the chest hair. What a handsome man. Mario is as sweet as and takes JL's cock like a champ.

e******* - 08/23/2018 12:57:15 PM

Jean-Luc and Mario were absolutely perfect. I just loved seeing Jean-Luc fucking that beautiful body of Mario. What a pairing. 5 stars!

m******* - 08/23/2018 10:59:01 AM

Jean-luc makes me crazy, 10,000 stars for him, Mario has a beautiful body even if his face does not make me crazy but is still a partner at the height

t****** - 08/23/2018 9:24:55 AM

Jean-Luc makes a super top. Loved this pairing with Mario

2***** - 08/23/2018 5:05:35 AM

What a great scene, not only were the guys hot, sexy, sweaty, but the camera angles and editing made it even better.

h********* - 08/22/2018 11:53:36 PM

A rather odd pairing of two uber bottoms that almost worked. Way too much manscaping.

J****** - 08/22/2018 2:20:43 PM

Jean Luc et Mario je suis fou de vous, dans cette vidéo vous êtes éclatant et splendide...

a***** - 08/22/2018 5:42:47 AM

Mario's beautiful body alone is worth 5 stars. Combined with his soft sexy moaning and longing looks at JL, that's worth 5 more stars. Stunning!

B****** - 08/22/2018 3:55:22 AM

I really liked, two excellent performers. Mario seduced me.

g********* - 08/22/2018 2:06:34 AM

For me: Jean-Luc is a 5 star performer; alas the other guys doesn't " inspire" me for a moment, sorry.

L*********** - 08/21/2018 12:31:34 PM

Agree 100% with "otrebor", this video is a gem. Please arrange a flip-flop part two with these two sexy diamonds.

o****** - 08/21/2018 9:31:11 AM

A delight! Jean-Luc's face, eyes, smile are to die for! Love his light body hair peculiarly on his young chest! Great cumshot! Love his sweaty face and smiles while Fucking! Mario gets a beautiful body! Like his ears which give him a peculiar charm! Nice JL feeding! Great close-ups and angles!

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