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Jean-Luc Bisset & Mael Gauthier

Those hungry for Magyars will be satisfied with this week’s all-Hungarian Freshmen Special. Last time we saw Jean Luc he was topping Jordan Faris. Now he is back to bottoming with Mael Guthier as the lucky top. Mael’s oral performance makes it evident that this is one of his earlier scenes. However, when the fucking starts, he shows why he is a first-class top.

Jean-Luc Bisset
Mael Gauthier
d******* - 07/05/2020 12:28:07 AM

Mael turns in a stunning job with Jean Luc and fucked his ass too.

V************ - 11/08/2019 6:36:12 PM

Both are good looking models but the non existence of transitions from one position to another didn't help this scene. Mael does not kiss very well. I enjoyed the full side views of Mael fucking Jean-Luk where we could see his full form, ass and all.

m******* - 10/23/2019 5:19:15 PM

I just recently saw this (how did I overlook it) and was immediately taken in by these two perfect performers. and they are perfect. It was a mouth watering treat and Jean-Luc is a face anyone would love looking up at them from below. He is just a juicy piece of perfection and Mael is such a stud. Hey! Hey! Hey!

j******* - 07/02/2018 8:13:47 PM

What's à performance. Boys are vers sexy and love to watch . Nice close-up shots yummy cum !

p****** - 05/12/2018 11:57:28 AM


l******* - 03/17/2018 2:40:31 PM


t****** - 02/18/2018 4:57:47 PM

Mael est toujours irrésistible, tellement attentif aux réactions de son partenaire, toujours prêt à le combler du mieux qu'il peut, je retiens surtout le moment où Mael fait une feuille de rose (expression imagée française) à Jean-Luc, sa langue se fait amoureuse, c'est très sexe. Encore et encore plus de vidéos avec Mael.

T********** - 02/15/2018 11:16:47 PM

Such a pleasure to study JL's fine and tight hole

a***** - 02/09/2018 12:38:08 PM

WONDERFUL scene!! Will be surprised if these two don't both become major BA stars! I loved the creampie at the end... I hope to see much more of both of them.

c***** - 02/06/2018 7:44:36 AM

Both Mael and Jean-Luc at their best! Really loving Mael, hope he bottoms soon!!!

g******* - 02/05/2018 10:31:06 PM

What a fabulous - dare I say it, loving scene. The look on JL's face as he was being rimmed was palpable and I thought he was going to cum early as he sometimes does. The sheer delight on JL's face and his whole body language has Mael slid his sexy cock into the ass was amazing. The shots of Mael's magnificent ass as he fucked JL were beautiful and the two cums amazing. Pretty good!

K********* - 02/04/2018 4:20:13 PM

I would have enjoyed this more, but thought the camera work had too many close ups. Recommend more pan out shots so we can get our bearings. Just watch the beginning and you see what I mean when the tight focus on the kissing rarely moves out to see all these great guys physical stature. Bel Ami almost always gets the balance right, but this one suffered a bit from tight exposures, in my opinion. Maybe better editing? Thanks!

t****** - 02/04/2018 2:00:22 PM

Mael Gauthier is a seriously handsome young man! I have watched this scene more than once now.

b***** - 02/02/2018 12:04:39 PM

Jean-Luc and Mael are a dream couple. Both guys bring out the best in each other, the sex is sweet and caring. Jean-Luc is such a sultry lover, Mael is very cute and endearing (anyone noticed how cute his nose is?)

D****** - 02/02/2018 2:34:06 AM

Ooooh... Their lovely, smooth bodies make them look like sweet angels of sex! Bravo!

g********* - 01/31/2018 1:20:01 AM

very nice guys in hot (natural looking) action. The shaved butt of Jean-Luc really turned me off: "naked flesh".....and all the skin irritations. Both should have more natural or only slightly trimmed pubes. Good camerawork and -again- nice/hot action. Thanks!

m******* - 01/30/2018 7:47:38 PM

incredible and extraordinary scene, both really cute and than incredible cum of Mael, large and creamy, too cum of my love Jean-luc are delicious, thank for this scene, the quality in Belami-Freshman increase day later day

L*********** - 01/30/2018 3:03:50 PM

Jean-Luc is simply unbeatable in the professional performance of sex with fun, lust and great passion. Mael as his top is no less stunning and in his top role a wonderful partner for Jean-Luc. All this makes this clip to an absolute highlight. BRAVO for this two terrific guys, Jean-Luc and Mael, and VIVA HUNGARY!

R********* - 01/30/2018 2:54:06 PM

What a super day ,my two preferential loverboys JL and nino in two scenes. This reel love couple shares his love wiht two other beautiful boys.Simply perfect

g********* - 01/30/2018 1:41:46 PM

Like his (ex?) lover Nino, Jean-Luc is the perfect package - beautiful, charismatic and sensual. Mael proves an excellent top, with an impressive cum shot and loving re-entry.

t****** - 01/30/2018 1:09:56 PM

In Mael’s scene with Christian many members derided Mael as ‘Gay-For-Pay’ (a term used by insecure morons) and unattractive. I found the negative reviews about Mael unjust. The charming supermodel JL was the front-runner of this scene, nevertheless, Mael is very sexy and attractive as well. I found this scene hot and both of these sexy guys should be praised. The camera work was very impressive too. An enjoyable scene.

p***** - 01/30/2018 12:39:59 PM

Both boys are so expressive & romantic that it makes up for any small flaws in their performance. Mael is a dream boat and an excellent top

a********* - 01/30/2018 12:19:49 PM


C********* - 01/30/2018 11:00:22 AM

Simply an awesome erotic playful scene between two really gorgeous boys...can we put these to in a time capsule and keep them this youthful and sensual and filled with creamy gobs of cum for a long long time?....two of FM best....more please...

o****** - 01/30/2018 10:45:43 AM

Nice making love! Sensual pairing! Mael's good cum shot with re-entry! Jean-Luc's great cum shot too! Mael is an attentive and charming top! Jean-Luc is wonderfully gorgeous!

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