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Jean-Luc Bisset & Jordan Faris

It is always a challenge for our directors to sculpt an opening for a scene when neither of the boys has a common language. Marty’s solution here was to ask Jean-Luc to perform a strip tease for Jordan. The result may look like a cheap strip club, but since I’m sure many of you have been to one that you will survive it and it does get both guys in the right mood. Although usually a bottom, here we get to see Jean-Luc showing us again that he is quite a decent top as well.

Jean-Luc Bisset
Jordan Faris
D******* - 09/17/2018 3:03:28 AM


h********* - 06/06/2018 1:58:20 AM

Oh, baby! Mega hot.

B****** - 02/23/2018 11:36:19 PM

Congratulations you seduced me, I would have liked to be part of it. I love you!

T********** - 02/12/2018 10:28:40 PM

JL really loves to have his ass licked

G******** - 01/12/2018 4:00:03 AM

Love Jordan and Jean-Luc

m******* - 01/11/2018 7:14:20 PM

oh my God JEAN-LUC!!!!!

o****** - 01/11/2018 6:28:06 PM

Delicacy for gourmet! A delight! What such a sensual and sexual encounter (4 orgasms) between the prettiest boy of Freshmen and the cutest! Thank you JL, Jordan and cameramen!

g******* - 01/11/2018 5:26:26 AM

Bit less fucking but beautiful sex throughout and we were treated to 4 orgasms! JL is just so handsome and he is well-matched by Jordan who relishes his partner's body and fabulous cock.

s******** - 01/10/2018 4:36:17 PM

2 great opportunities for great rear-view wide angle cock-sucking shots ... 1) when jean-luc is standing over jordan at the beginning and later 2) when jean-luc is bend-over sucking jordan's boner while jordan lies on his back. 2 great opportunities that were missed.

h******* - 01/10/2018 10:42:18 AM

Jordan is the one here..................masculine and hunky body, most attractive. Thanks GD.

L*********** - 01/09/2018 11:04:43 PM

Perfect erotic! A short but hot strip tease, fantastic licking scenes with two super sexy asses, double cum shots and a terrific harmonious but also passionate performance of these both wonderful guys - a great class professional action with a fine camera job, for me the best of the current month up to now. And: Yes, Jean-Luc convinces as top as I love him as bottom. Please try to realize more strip tease openings like these, I think this is a very welcome change and you may also discover some other hidden talents. All in all: All stars for the great acting guys, Jean-Luc and Jordan.

A********** - 01/09/2018 3:01:00 PM

PERFECT !!! Extremely sexy, hot, wonderful young men in love. Congratulations

N******** - 01/09/2018 1:18:54 PM

Nice scene with two sexy boys but I agree with geffrey27, it would have been better if we had seen rather more fucking. He is also right to point out how rare it is to see any fingering in these scenes - it is so hot. I have no idea why BA exclude it in favour of that strange hole rubbing action which is all but unique to BA which the boys are usually limited to for some strange reason.

b***** - 01/09/2018 12:16:24 PM

I loved Jean-Luc’s sexy dance very much and it appeared Jordan appreciated it as much as I did. Jean-Luc is such a sensual little guy, Jordan is über-cute. The sex between them is very sweet and sensual, the cum eating is fantastic. Jean-Luc and Jordan make a wonderful pairing, I wouldn’t mind (at all!) to watch them in action together more often.

g********* - 01/09/2018 10:34:36 AM

Three and a half minutes for the fucking is very short measure, but Jean-Luc and Jordan are both delightful in different ways; there is great chemistry between them; and both come twice. Jean-Luc fingers Jordan, which is rare these days.

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