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Jean-Luc Bisset & Hoyt Kogan

The one trait that Hungarian Jean-Luc and Hoyt - who is of the Czech Republic - don’t share is a common language. They both possess super-model good looks and are thus confident in their abilities to turn on their partners. Hoyt prefers to be dominant in his sexual relations and Jean-Luc is turned on by confident guys. Their commonalities make for an A + encounter with intense and sensual action that is a pleasure to watch despite there not being a single word spoken between them.  Fortunately, both prefer kissing as their primary means of communication anyway. This scene was shot over two days with the first day oral and the fucking filmed on day two. While this is unusual, it did allow for Hoyt to have multiple cum shots.

Jean-Luc Bisset
Hoyt Kogan
G********* - 07/11/2024 6:40:26 PM

Very hot, though I'm guessing they combined it as one scene because Jean-Luc never does seem to come during the fucking ... which would be understandable if he had just had that INTENSE orgasm at minute 9 from getting sucked and licked! But whatever ... Hoyt's orgasm only 5 minutes into the scene from getting sucked and licked is a nice treat. I wish they'd do that more often (have exciting, unexpected, "early" orgasms during these scenes). Disappointing that Hoyt's face isn't shown enough during his 2nd orgasm. Perhaps not quite at the level of Jean-Luc's scenes with Nino, Roland, Torsten, Jason, or Mael ... but close ... oh yes ... so CLOSE ... AH! ... YES! ... sigh ... LOL.

P******* - 05/22/2020 6:40:18 AM

When you have the best you get the best , in the end Hoyt will go down as one of the great stars of this genre.

R***** - 04/16/2020 8:26:53 PM

Both are very sexy; but Hoyt in particular i gorgeous.

w****** - 04/01/2020 3:57:03 PM

Hoyt Kogan is a GOD. Words cannot describe his beauty. Ethereal will suffice. The most strikingly beautiful Belami model of all time? I think yes. It's easy to see why he's made it into the mainstream modeling world & while I wish him all the best I hope he returns to porn one day(although there are likely several scenes that will continue to trickle out over the next few years). I hope there is more bottoming in his future scenes. Jean-Luc isn't really a favorite of mine so I'll just keep it at that.

S****** - 03/18/2020 8:01:41 AM

Loved it! Lucky Jean-Luc to get that mouthful of Hoyte's cum at the beginning. Too bad some of the cum spurting was lost in the sunlight.

V************ - 03/06/2020 2:40:34 PM

Very tender and erotic. However, the kissing is very superficial and the ass eating as well, which I have come to expect as standard fare from Hoyt. Not sure what happened to the sound at the end. An ok scene, but not great.

R************ - 03/06/2020 2:08:50 PM

Ragazzi fantastici!! Sanno bene come scopare e bere la sborra quindi si sono meritati una mia splendida sega fatta con sentimento e lunga sborrata!

w****** - 03/05/2020 8:22:47 PM

An opportunity for Hoyt to practice his Hungarian and Jean-Luc to practice his Czech? I never knew that "Ah!" was the same in both languages. The scene was too long. Other than that there isn't much more to say about it. Thank you for not posting the full two days filming.

J********* - 03/04/2020 2:50:37 AM

I understand there is a language barrier, but did not like the cold opening of this pairing just making out. I prefer long shots where you can take in all parts of these men. Legs, feet, hands, waists. The filming was too close up for me.

t****** - 03/03/2020 11:53:09 PM

The last time Hoyt came like this was for Thierry Dore!~

R********* - 03/03/2020 11:17:53 PM

Jean luc is one of the hottest gay boys.Its not a surprise that Nino falled in love with him Its heavenly to see him make intense love.He is one of the guys whereof i see again and again the scenes wherein he appear

b***** - 03/03/2020 9:42:44 PM

As always it is a great pleasure to watch Jean-Luc who, with the right partner, almost always is affectionate, sensual, sultry and hot. So the five stars I rate this scene are for him. But apparently Hoyt is not the right partner, although in the first part of the episode he seems to try so it could also be an off-day for the director. In the fucking part Hoyt is detached as ever thus wasting the opportunity for an excellent scene. Ah well, I will just focus on Jean-Luc when I rewatch this episode.

x****** - 03/03/2020 6:09:22 PM

Ahhhhh, the language of sex!

g******* - 03/03/2020 11:47:09 AM

Unbelievable as one of the sexiest guys on the planet is being fucked by the imcomparable Hoyt!

o****** - 03/03/2020 9:28:32 AM

Fascinating! Exquisite! Pure beauty! Jean-Luc and Hoyt are perfect! An Heaven scene to die for!!!

N***** - 03/03/2020 12:26:14 AM

Wowwww. My absolute dream team!! Mmmmm!

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