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Jean-Luc Bisset & Adam Archuleta

Those still scratching their heads over our editors mention last week of "Kevin style breathing" can give your scalps a rest as this month he only mentions "Nice, natural moaning and sounds of pleasure". Our internal reviewer gave this scene an A+ rating so I am interested to learn if your feelings correspond with his. Kevin, as always, is the work-horse here as he gathers the boys and cleans the apartment while Adam eats and fucks Kevin’s finds. GD: Sums up their relationship perfectly.

Adam Archuleta
Jean-Luc Bisset
R************ - 06/24/2019 4:27:02 PM

JO, JO, JO, JO...........

x******* - 10/03/2017 6:41:18 AM

Gorgeous scene!! Jean-Luc's beautiful and so lucky to get Adam's amazing cock, and massive load!!

g******* - 09/03/2017 6:40:17 AM

Adam has over 200 scenes of various sorts across the main site, KA and Freshmen. Jean-Luc about 50. I will be very happy when J-L gets to 200. I just love him.

g********* - 09/02/2017 11:06:46 AM

A great top and a great bottom enjoying themselves and one another to the full are a wonderful recipe for exceptional sexual performances and maximum pleasure for the viewer.

b******* - 09/01/2017 2:32:25 PM

I know Adam has been around for some time, but he's boyish and great fun - as well as being in excellent shape - so I am happy to see him paired with one of the youngsters like Jean-Luc. I thought this scene was near perfect.

b****** - 09/01/2017 12:17:30 AM

I've enjoyed Adam's performances over the years but let's make some more room for some of the fantastic new talent you've found, please!

m******* - 08/31/2017 10:37:09 AM

Jean-luc 10 stars, Adam 10 stars two boys perfect, than JL ass is work of art, too is face so pretty

d*** - 08/30/2017 5:31:18 PM

Jean-Luc and Adam with a bit of Kevin thrown in as an appetizer, stunning. Absolutely stunning. The camera on Jean-Luc's butt was awesome. I saw the foot caress but could have had a bit of toe sucking there. I always enjoy a shower scene afterwards, maybe next time. In all, this was 5 stars ­čĺĽ

a********* - 08/30/2017 1:05:27 PM

Great director's work around his ass... The cumshot in mouth ruins the end.

b***** - 08/30/2017 10:33:59 AM

What a wonderful pairing. I didn't know where to look as both models are very handsome and both were really into each other. It must be that Jean-Luc is a big turn on for Adam and I can fully understand that: what a sensual lover Jean-Luc is.

o****** - 08/29/2017 11:49:38 PM

Hot fucking scene! So pretty JL like so much to be fucked! He is perfect!

H***** - 08/29/2017 11:34:09 PM

Nice scene with good rimming! I missed passion. Bad camera handling again! All shoulders, hips and side away shots of bodies. The top hasn't a butt again. I have seen better features to be honest!

l********* - 08/29/2017 10:39:20 PM

One of the best scenes out of so far. Both models seemed to be having a great time. It would have been perfection if Adam's cum-shot would have come out of Jason's blowjob alone, and did not need Adam's hand. But overall amazing.

t****** - 08/29/2017 10:26:34 PM

Both models are fab

p********* - 08/29/2017 9:19:29 PM

Wow its a real pleasure there all 2 so sensual and hot I have long time dream to see Adam for me one of you best Jocker with the new beautiful versatile angel Jean luc and just dream of a second part in there Adam is bottom from Jean Luc and why not the other Hungarian beauty Nino I imagine there to beautifull boys bottoming Adam one after the other and in the great final all 2 with there marvelus cock going in and outside together in s Adam s great ass holl uhmmm for sure very hottt Merci , Thank you GD ( pour tous ces reves chauds et torides )

x****** - 08/29/2017 5:41:48 PM

A loving cum-fest from both Adam & Jean-Luc! Mmmmm, I'll give it an A++++ rating! (Thanks, Kev, for bringing Jean-Luc for Adam to enjoy!)

p******* - 08/29/2017 5:30:22 PM

Fabulous scene - yes at least A+ -. Adam wonderful and passionate as usual and Jean-Luc on his way to being a new BA superstar. All he needs is to add a little muscle to achieve perfection. His coming twice was I think a first in a Freshman scene; . I hope he has been signed up for many more scenes.

J******** - 08/29/2017 3:42:24 PM

Picture 14 says it all!

L*********** - 08/29/2017 2:06:29 PM

WOW! This scene exceeded all my expectations from the first view last week. Porn quality at the highest level. Highlights are the emotional way Jean-Luc has taken Adams activities over the whole scene and - of course - his both cum shots. I think Jean-Luc is on the right way upwards to be a new Superstar. For him 5 stars in red + 1 big more but in gold! And for the perfect professional action of our Adam 5 stars in red (I think a golden one he owns already).

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