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Jason Bacall with Pip Caulfield & Elio Chalamet

Our couple for the other sex scene in this “Chat Boy” special, Paul and Carlos, both started off in chat prior to filming for us. These three boys took the opposite journey, starting off filming for us before trying their hand at chatting. For Pip and Jason, the chat experiment was a failure, both preferring the structure of our normal filming. Elio, however, enjoys the immediate interaction with an audience and now spends several hours every day on BelAmiChat. Our scene begins with Jason and Elio barging in on a training session Kevin is conducting with Timothy Blue. Thus, we are treated to the bonus of watching a few moments of a training session that otherwise would have remained hidden forever. The soap opera continues into the main scene with Pip and Elio beginning the action before the cameraman arrives. When Jason joins in, we are treated to what is probably the Freshmen three-way of the year.

Pip Caulfield
Jason Bacall
Elio Chalamet
R***** - 12/30/2020 5:15:48 PM

A hot start to the video; with Jason & Elio walking in on the adorable Timothy fucking a very sexy newbie on all fours. If I was Jason & Elio; I would very happily sat back and enjoyed the fuck show in front of me. Sexy Pip and the gorgeous Elio look fantastic sucking and fucking; before being joined by Jason for a very hot threesome. Pip got the best deal' being fucked by newbie Elio whilst sucking Jason's stiff dick. I enjoyed seeing Pip wank himself to orgasm; then get his ass creamed by Elio. But I absolutely loved it when Pip & Elio started kissing and then licking each others tongue as Jason spurted his spunk in to both their open mouths and coating their tongues with his thick, creamy cum. It was so hot seeing Pip & Elio kiss each other whilst Jason slides his cum smeared cock between their kissable lips. Jason's stiff cock looks so kissable and suckable and his spunk so tasty; before all 3 sexy lads share a tasty, creamy kiss. 5 stars for the overall scene and 10 stars for the final kissing cock and cum part. I fully agree with Saurain who said "Jason's final cum shot on both mouths and then his cum dripping cock between their lips - superb"

g******* - 12/29/2020 4:10:30 AM

Fabulous sex. I was hard just watching the cute Timothy fuck and then .... the dynamic trio with their beautiful faces and bodies, lovely cocks and then the electric joy they had being together. The fucking was superb with great shots of Elio's fabulous arse. The they finished kissing and with Pip bathed the cum. Beautiful.

s******* - 12/25/2020 3:22:25 AM

What a great scene, perfect trio. Pip is so into cock and that's hot. All three were magnificent. It's your three ways that keep me coming back.

S****** - 12/21/2020 10:43:57 PM

This is an amazing scene. Jason's final cum shot on both mouths and then his cum dripping cock between their lips - superb and delicious! Jason all drenched in sweat is also a highlight for me. This is a keeper.

b****** - 12/21/2020 4:38:10 PM

After the other scenes I saw a bit of a let down

j****** - 12/13/2020 7:45:25 PM

A very horny scène, with cumkissing at the end

V************ - 12/13/2020 5:16:15 PM

What a stupid poorly shot scene!

D******* - 12/09/2020 1:45:16 PM

Wowie, the very, very, very best gangbang Session on freshmen ever seen. These changing fuck-orgies are one of the Hottest in the world. Pip as bottom and Jason and Elio as top it‘s so gorgeous and horny. In between Kevin and Timothy. More more more am hard💦

t********* - 12/09/2020 3:07:11 AM

Pip gets the 2 for 1 special and winds up with cum in his ass and mouth. Love all the cum kissing at the end.

W****** - 12/08/2020 11:40:44 PM

Superb models, superb scene. For me Elio is right up there among the best. I’d love to see more footage from the training session they interrupted.

w****** - 12/08/2020 9:47:50 PM

Another daft story line but who cares with such a beautiful trio. Also, the new lad being fucked by Timothy has a gorgeous ass. I hope to see more of it. Lots of love to all three.

x****** - 12/08/2020 8:17:12 PM

Pip, Pip, Hooray!

a***** - 12/08/2020 7:38:18 PM

This is a nice scene, the intro is lovely, super happy to finally see Riis in action, was that his first time getting fucked and recorded? I wonder how Riis felt, on all four, ass stuffed, staring at another newbie. And how new was Elio? What kinda conversation will Elio have with Riis afterward? =) And are we gonna get to watch Riis's full training? Then Pip just cut in and fuck Elio just like that? Wow, does this happen often? Will be cool to see. And if what Jason did afterward was really unplanned, then this is awesome! And he didn't wait long before he starts fucking Pip, nice, and Pip rides it good and in the same position get fucked hard by Jason from below, that's hot! I love Pip's moan and talk too. It's a fun scene to watch and I can definitely get used to it, great job!

M******** - 12/08/2020 5:17:49 PM

I want to see more of the sexy newbie that was pounded in the opening scene!

m******* - 12/08/2020 4:53:55 PM

Pip is like the best Christmas morning and getting just what you wanted. He is amazing. Add two others gifts and fly away to New Years, a new year and a new outlook. Pip! Always!

h********* - 12/08/2020 4:03:26 PM

Pip and Elio are a great match, all that thick blond lower body hair...pubes, crotches, bums, crack, and legs. Love the camera work as Pip penetrates Elio’s greedy hole. Too bad Jason returned. The downside was Pip and Elio’s massive cumshots that we’re tot wasted.

d******* - 12/08/2020 1:55:50 PM

All three are very handsome and they make good love together. It would be hard to resist any of them as they are so lovely.

M****** - 12/08/2020 1:51:51 PM

I must have watched a different scene from previous commenters. Attention getting opening with Timothy fucking the newbie. Then Pip wastes no time and Elio politely complies. Jason's shock at discovering his mate being fucked by Pip was short lived, and he commenced fucking Pip without so much as an introduction. When Pip was riding Elio I liked when Jason grabbed Pip's ass. Also liked Elio topping in missionary with Jason providing an assist. That would've been a great time for Jason to sit on Pip's face. Nice kissing, finally, at the end. Kind of a silly, preposterous scene; more of a porn parody than a turn-on. Camera work was shaky: moving about drunkenly, zooming in and out at random -- hard to watch. No complaints about lighting.

s******* - 12/08/2020 12:37:55 PM

Who can resist Pip when he has the devil in him? And the long-standing chemistry between Jason and Pip? And the cute "newbie" Elio? 5 stars to all of them!

a********* - 12/08/2020 11:54:02 AM

Scena passionale e ricca grazie ai tre protagonisti eccitanti dai fisici scattanti.

R************ - 12/08/2020 10:48:19 AM

Splendido video per la prima masturbazione della giornata!

s******* - 12/08/2020 9:53:55 AM

Who is this cute boy pounded by Timothy?

o****** - 12/08/2020 9:29:42 AM

Excellent !!! Well filmed, exciting close-ups, three sexy and hot models! Perfect chemistry!!! Much more than 5* Bravo and thank a lot!

r*********** - 12/08/2020 9:14:00 AM

Absolutely enchanting scene with all the production complications which went on. Pip and Elio are adorable. Well done!! xxx

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