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Jason Bacall & Viggo Sorensen

This scene of domestic bliss is Viggo’s 2nd scene. It’s shot by Kevin and he’s partnered with the lovely Jason Bacall. It begins with the two bickering like an old married couple. Jason is convinced that Viggo is not doing his fair share of the cleaning. Viggo decides that since Jason is riding his ass, he might as well ride Jason’s dick, thus restoring household tranquility. We can tell you that the editors made the minimal cuts and it is our guess that Kevin had to give little direction. It’s almost like we’re peeking in on a hot couple fucking in their kitchen (as you do). The only downside is that they finished prior to the dishes being done.

Jason Bacall
Viggo Sorensen
w****** - 03/26/2020 12:12:10 PM

Viggo looks like he just got plucked right from gymnast practice. He's like a fantasy come true. Wow. Both guys are great performers & stunning at that.

a******* - 02/15/2020 8:55:15 PM

shame the ass hair gets cleared, bores me to tears

d******* - 01/27/2020 12:03:36 AM

Viggo good but dishes not finished!!

l******* - 10/05/2019 7:26:55 AM

Wow! Viggo is beautiful all over.Every inch of this fine lad appears pampered to glow on camera & does so very effectively. So many fine guys right now. Your Freshmen stable sure is looking hot BA!

g******* - 10/05/2019 7:14:59 AM

Great sex. What handsome and athletic guys they are. Jason straight? Very doubtful.

V************ - 09/16/2019 7:29:06 PM

Yes, Jason is indeed cute, but Viggo has such a muscular well developed body! In my opinion Viggo is the star here.. His athleticism is wonderful! I loved the creativity here in fucking in the kitchen.

S****** - 09/15/2019 1:00:45 AM

Someone mentioned that Jason Bacall is straight...? Never saw a straight guy eat cum the way he does in some other videos... In this video, he and Viggo are scorching hot together.

R************ - 09/14/2019 11:00:20 AM

Video ideale per farsi le seghe.

B********* - 09/11/2019 11:05:15 PM

It seems that the director never caught on that a kitchen is a bad place to fuck. Bathrooms at truck stops at least has atmosphere and excitement. BA should get out on the open road.

o****** - 09/11/2019 11:31:10 AM

Scorching fuck scene with a gorgeous and sexy pair! Viggo and jason enjoy each other in incredible acrobatic positions! Well done Kevin!

s******* - 09/11/2019 9:52:09 AM

Everything with Jason is worth, and here with the magnificent Viggo ❤️he looks at his best! 5 stars... and more, if possible! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

j****** - 09/11/2019 9:41:02 AM

What a horny scene! More of this type of scene please :)

b***** - 09/10/2019 9:37:09 PM

This is a good scene, but then again very handsome Jason never disappoints. Viggo, although not my type, is a worthy partner. The filming with long takes and little edits gives a sense of urgency to the scene, I like the camera moving around the action and the panning is excellent. The zooming is a bit fast though (makes it more difficult to follow the action) and waving the camera around (as it seems) at random is never a good idea. But the camera got the angles right so all in all I liked the filming. The ending with Nils grumbling about the mess in the kitchen is funny, Jason leaving with all the cum on his tummy is kind of exciting to me. A full five stars episode!

x****** - 09/10/2019 6:34:06 PM

Viggo! What an athletic way to get fucked! (Pic #10) Please keep Viggo in front of the camera, not behind it. And teamed with Jason, what a happy morning treat. How about another hot scene with these two beauties?

P****** - 09/10/2019 2:42:16 PM

Loading the dishwasher. One of life's real pleasures. Viggo has to be one of the most beautiful guys in the world.

t********* - 09/10/2019 9:34:52 AM

If Jason Bacall is indeed straight, he deserves an Academy Award. This is a five-star scene that is sexy and hot af with two of Belami's MOST attractive models. Love Viggo's rocking bod riding Jason's big cock and cumming as he does, as well as Jason's ever-sexy performance. One of Freshmen's best scenes.

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